Sperm freeze..what happens next?

Hi All

I was wandering if anyone can answer me on this forum please. me and my husband have been trying for 3 years and we found out my husband has a very low count of sperm. he only has 3 individual sperm when an average for a male is 39million :(. so after all the tests that I have had and he has yesterday they said we need to call up to book an appointment for my husbands sperm to freeze for IVF. does anyone know what happens after this? thanks in advance

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  • Hi there, I would imagine they will then start you on an ICSI cycle. They were going to freeze my other halfs sperm for IVF ICSI but they decided that although he has very low count there is enough to use. They do this as a back up just in case when it comes to doing the big dead on egg collection day there are no sperm to use, well that's what they told us. xx

  • thank you so much for replying to my post :). I'm just nervous as my husband only has 3 individual sperm. okay thank you for the information.. I need to call them on Monday morning to book an appointment for him to go in and give his sperm to freeze. All this is on my mind just want it to work for us and everyone else :(

  • i know its hard but dont give up hope they only need 1 sperm! my consultant said she has had a sample with just 1 sperm before now and its resulted in a baby. get him on all the Wellman vits and google good foods to eat for improving sperm count it can help! xx

  • That's what they say they only need one sperm :) yes I have him on the motility boost, counterboost and fertilaid tablets :) would you know the answer to this question. when they transfer his sperm in to me will they put 1 sperm in or the whole lot? thanks again :)

  • i would imagine they will do ICSI so thats taking your egg and injecting just 1 of his good sperm directly into it to fertilize. Then they will watch it for a bit in the lab then when they feel its ready will put back in you for you to finish of the work ;)

  • thanks for this info, it really helps :)

  • Hi mrsga, we too were surprised and devastated to hear that hubby had very low count (best sample had 25 in). He did 3 freezes before our egg collection, usually in a freeze they dilute and spread the sample out over a number of ampoules (little glass containers) but in cases of very low they keep it as it is. Before freezing they take a tiny drop to analyse but our clinic froze them regardless. On the day of egg collection they only managed to get 6 mature eggs, so only needed 6 sperm. Fresh sample on the day was adequate so didn't have to use the frozen samples. He has been taking vitamins etc but diagnosis is primary testicular failure as a result of over active thyroid (which we were not warned about). Good luck πŸ€πŸ€

  • Thank you for this info Kateamelia, it really helps :)

    on the day of egg collection how many eggs to they collect, is it as many as there are or do they only get a few? thanks in advance

  • Hi mrsga, they managed to collect 9 eggs from me altogether but I was a slow responder to the medication. I've seen of some women having 20 collected so I guess it depends on you as an individual. They checked his sample before I went in for collection to check it was ok (based on my follicle numbers etc) and he had a surgery spot reserved incase he needed the surgical speed retrieval. I had 17 follicles and they were expecting around 12-13 eggs so I guess his fresh sample had enough for that. X

  • okay, thanks for this info :) okay that's fine

    we need to book an appointment for his sperm freeze but my husband said before going or his sperm freeze he wants 1 month to lose weight and eat healthy and have the tablets

  • Sperm take 100 days to develop so in order to give my hubby's sperm the best chance I had him on a "sperm improvement" programme as soon as they told us it was his sperm were the problem. I got him on the wellman, banned him from alcohol (I read that each drink decreases chance of success by x%), no carrying mobile phone in trousers pocket (he struggled with this one - I was forever telling him off!) and no laptop on knee - the heat can damage the sperm. His count did improve a bit from it and we had plenty for ICSI. Good luck!

  • hi Lynn

    thank you for the info :)

    we did exactly the same, he doesn't smoke or drink so that was okay but he is now trying to lose weight and he is taking fertilaid, counter boost and motility boost to increase him sperm :)

    yes I heard that too about the mobile phone, thanks

    we are going to have his sperm count checked after 1 month, we will see if these tablets have worked and I will post on here and let you all know :)

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