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Morning I just thought id share my emotions in the last few days. I still don't believe it but I'm pregnant, I have felt happy, emotional, sad all types of strange things. I'm worried the test has lied if that makes sense, I have a scan booked in for end of April, i thought they would of brought me in for a blood test but not. I have a lot of discharge which I'm hoping is normal and I feel like I have a water infection, don't know if this is a normal feeling and I haven't or what... I don't want to be a hypochondriac but I scared!!! We'll never stop worrying!! I also have loss of appetite!! Any help will be grateful x x

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Morning kellkell ive just been booked for my "early scan" not til the 5th of may !? Im supose to have more regular scans due to our history of losses so made me abit worried and no blood tests for me either so i may go to gyna unit for it , just take it easy think positive thats my main thoughts this time round xxx


Yay. Another hurdle completed! Yay!


Congratulations!!! All I'd say is if you think you've a water infection then go straight to your docs to get checked out as that can affect the pregnancy. You may be fine and don't be stressing over it but do get checked. Xx


Congrats huni x


I'm very happy for you :) :)


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