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I'm 2days late. Am I pregnant?

Hi, I'm new here and I hope you have insights as to what's happening to me right now.

I was diagnosed with PCOS last year September.

I've been taking Metformin since I changed my doctor January this year. I'm not polycystic anymore. I only started tracking the number of days of my cycle when I discovered that I had PCOS. I have had regular cycles since March of this year. 28 days.

I only noticed it when I didn't get my menses for three months. I thought it was just normal to skip menses since my grandma told me that she was like me when she was young.

I went on ultrasounds and my doctor finally prescribed me something to boost my chances of getting pregnant. We found out in the ultrasounds that my eggs were too small. I had an ultrasound to check if my body is responding to the meds and it did.

I'm on my second round of Clomiphene Citrate & Metformin. I unfortunately had my period on the first round. I usually get my PMS symptoms like 2 or a week before my expected menstrual period. I get so irritable, sore boobs, dysmenorrhea, and I think all of the other PMS stuff possible in life but I only got sore boobs a day before my expected period. It's not as sore as before, it's the slightest one ever since I've had my menstruation. Now, I'm 2days late. I think this is the happiest cycle I've ever been because I don't feel anything aside from my slight sore on my boobs.

I'm not so sure if I'm sleeping too much than before because I'm taking Metformin but I started not having any Met's side effects since March this year: nausea, going to the toilet not less than four times a day, and etc. -- I don't know if getting more sleep than the usual now. I don't know if I got to stressed because of wanting to get pregnant and getting my period every month.

I'm really hoping that I am now. I'd be very happy to have my own family but I don't have pregnancy symptoms either. I took a home pregnancy test 3 days ago because I was so eager to know. The 2WW is driving me crazy.

Is there a possibility that I am pregnant this cycle?

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Hi, I have PCOS and after 4 years of trying without any treatment randomly fell pregnant and had a little boy 2 weeks ago. My first symptom was tingly tongue just in case you get that :). I hope it may have happened for you on this cycle but if not maybe the next one. Keep us informed and sending you luck.


Hi Gemblebear, thanks for your reply. I really appreciate it.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I'd really love to get pregnant. I remembered my mom answered my questions about her pregnancy for my biology homework about 10years ago. She did not have any symptoms too.

But I can't assume since not all pregnancies are the same. On the brighter side, my mom and I share the same genes. It makes me think that maybe I am yet I'm not sure.

Wow. It's my 1st time to hear that type of symptom. If you didn't mention that here, I wouldn't know that! I've been taking the medication that my doctor prescribed me but I never bothered researching all of the possible symptoms what appears online are the most common symptoms.

I don't know if these are pregnancy symptoms but:

1.) I think I've been eating french fries every day for almost 2weeks.

2.) I used to drink lots of sodas but now, it tastes a bit weird. I could drink like the whole bottle every time I open one but now, I can barely go half of it.

3.) There's this certain smell that pisses me off and makes me want to puke but I never puked.

I don't know if lacking pms could be a sign of pregnancy for my case.

My doctor told me that I'm one of those lucky ones who got rid of all the cysts after three months of Met.

I really hope that I am pregnant now. I've been on ttc since December last year and I don't want to feel depressed anymore.

I still haven't felt anything right now. No pains or what so ever except for the very very very very slight booby pains.

I tried doing a test today and it turned out negative. I used those more sensitive ones. I'll take another test after 1week and I HOPE AND PRAY that I'll get a positive result. ^_^

I'll keep you updated until I'm sure what this is all about.


Hi Gemblebear, I didn't notice that I forgot to congratulate you for your baby! Congratulations. :)


Hi chipsnfries. I was quite surprised to hear that you now do not have polycystic ovaries after having a diagnosis of PCOS. Usually, it one unfortunate diagnosis that stays with us – needing medication or surgery when trying to conceive, so it was interesting to read that the metformin you have been taking has cleared your PCOS up. I don’t know if you know much about how Metformin works, but I will explain as simply as I can, with apologies if you already know. People who are diabetic (I realise you are not) - are treated in 3 different ways – diet, tablets (Metformin) or insulin injections. Women who are not ovulating properly and/or do not have regular periods and who are overweight, are often prescribed Metformin. The reason being is that they often have an excess of insulin in their body cells. Because of this the glands in the brain that control ovulation, the pituitary and the hypothalamus cannot get their message through to the ovaries to get them to ovulate properly. Metformin “mops up” the excess insulin to allow the messages to get through. Often it can regulate periods, but ovulation still does not occur. This is when a drug called Clomid is often introduced as well to hopefully ensure ovulation occurs. Metformin allows Clomid to do its job more efficiently. It all sounds very complicated, but the mechanics of the idea work well. Of course this treatment does not work with every woman, and there is always the possibility that IVF or other treatments may be required. Also, regarding pregnancy testing, it is always best to leave the test until the correct time if you can, as you can often get a false positive or a false negative result. Well, after all that, I will keep my fingers crossed for you and hope that you do achieve the pregnancy that you so want. Diane


Hi DianeArnold, my doctor got surprised with how my body responded with the medication she gave me too.

You are absolutely right. I'm not diabetic but an insulin resistant. I was so relieved to find it out early because my chances of getting diabetes is very high. I don't eat sweets so much but when I do, I would really binge on it. Now that I have known it, I already knew my limits and that I should control.

I have been in control of my weight for almost a decade because I used to be an athlete. Since I was an athlete for a long time, I can't deny that my eating habit is really influenced by my previous lifestyle. I admit that I do have some cheat days but I rarely do that. I only weighed myself during competitions but now that I'm already working, I stopped weighing myself. I only noticed my weight gain when I started buying new clothes -- the sizes really freaked me out and that my close male friend keeps on telling me that I'm getting fatter.

I was told to take 1 Met a day for a week. Then 2 the following week and so on. My doctor warned me of the side effects and told me not to worry about it because the benefits are more than the side effects. She told me to try 3 and see if I could withstand the side effects because it works best if I'd take 3 a day. I told her that I'd do 3 a day no matter what but she really warned me about the side effects and that there are a lot of women who surrendered and couldn't perform their daily activities normally while taking 3.

She was right. hahaha Met was really terrible at first, I always go to the loo and feel nauseous all of the time. I took it as a challenge. Since I've already been experiencing the side effects even while on 2 might as well as go to 3 and never surrender. I forgot to mention that both sides of my family have infertility issues. <-- My motivation. I don't want to end up like them. I took 3 a day while working full time.

When I started taking Met, I went back to my normal weight. I lost 18kilos! After 3 months, I had an ultrasound and we found out that all of the cysts were gone! I was VERY happy. The sufferings from the side effects was worth it!

Thanks for responding. I hope I'll get what I want. I'll keep you guys posted for others too. I know my case is very rare.

Up to this time, I don't feel anything. I just kept on sleeping this day. No pains or whatever.


Hi DianeArnold, I just realized that you've explained this in a very detailed way. My doctor only said Met will help me ovulate because she had a hunch that I was insulin resistant but not as detailed as you did! I thought I've searched too much about Metformin and Clomiphene Citrate but you are a living proof that I haven't. hahaha


Glad to help and hope all works out well for you. Diane


Thank you so much. Now, I have a better picture of how my meds work. :)


Still no period. Tested again today, still BFN. Missed my period for 4days now. No pms aside from the very very very slight sore boobs. Today, I just had a very painful headache and cramps that lasted for a few seconds to a minute. I don't know if I can consider that headache and that few seconds of cramping below my belly button. Then nothing else. I really want to get a BFP.


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