? Faint line, don't kno what to think!

? Faint line, don't kno what to think!


So as u lovely ladies kno today was my official test day despite heavy bleeding from weds I thought I'd test anyway and their was a faint line ๐Ÿ˜ I now hav no idea what to think I'm trying not to get my hopes up to much as I kno it could all still be negative x I'm booked in for 9.30 to go see my emergency doctor up the community hosp as my IVF clinic isn't open x hoping to hav a blood test. MEH why can't it just be yes or no x I dont think I am as I've ha a heavy period but then why is te test showing a faint line x I've NEVER seen even a faint line when I've tested before so to me this is rare lol and I've taken about a 100 photos of it lol x I tried to add te pic so u could see but I don't kno how to. I'm goin away Tomo and hav bought lots of alcahol to consume now I don't kno whether to drink or not lol xxx

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  • Omg !!!! Mines was faint at start xxxx

  • Fingers crossed for positive results dear sunny Sarah xx

  • Fingers crossed lovely :) xx

  • Thanks guys x just been doctors they think it could just be early miscarriage and hormone is still in my systym however was confused that when I tested on weds when I 1st started bleeding their was no line atall so just find it strange how 3 days later it's now showing a faint line. Anyway the waiting game continues and hav to do a test next week now x grrrrrr!

  • OMG ! Don't drink anymore - that's defo a positive test! Just take it easy & see your gp & take it from there. My friend said she bled through her entire pregnancy so maybe it was just that. Gosh I hope this is it for you I really do - please keep us updated!!! xxxx

    I just read your update - I pray it's not a miscarriage...is it a blood test you have to have done next week? xxx

  • Hey nystercia, no just a normal test next week then if that's still positive then I suppose a blood test n scan at week 7 x I don't think I am tho ๐Ÿ˜ just done a clear blue test and that said NOT PREGNANT! I kno it's not my 1st wee of the day anymore but surely that wu say positive wouldn't it? Xxxx

  • If the pregnancy hormone level is just faint in your system then it's the morning test that will show a positive - this is what I've read. So maybe it's just about detectable & the new test you did just couldn't pick it up...

    I don't understand - they say it's miscarriage but the pregnancy test was able to pick up a positive this morning & didn't on Wednesday. All very confusing...it must be horrible for you all this waiting around. I would try again tomorrow morning hun xxx

  • Yeah am gonna do another one tonight and again in the morning x but the other tests I have are just cheap dip onesnof eBay but are 10miu/ml but out of date lol x frustrating or what hey x I just don't kno what to think tbh xx

  • It's a hard one, can you ring nhs direct for advice? Have you been taking your progesterone or have you stopped? I think if you have stopped, to resume taking it.

    I think you should take it easy, rest & I know it's an agonising wait but try & keep busy somehow? Maybe bake a cake or something lol that's what I did or watch a boxset? I really hope the best for you hun & I hope it's all good news xxxx

  • Oh hun we are here with you xx hopefully hoping for positive result for you xx

  • Thanks everyone x I've just been to asda to buy more tests lol x I did continue to take my pregesterone nystercia and I'll keep taking it now until I kno for sure what is goin on x I've got the boune hall doctor calling me later today as I ended up calling the emergency IVF line as my clinic is closed xxx

  • Hi Sunnysarah01. Congrats.That test def looks positive to me. You'd get one line for a negative test I've done many to know that.As for the clearblue maybe i think that you need a higher hcg I think it's 25mul.. Also this early testing would def need to test with first morning urine to be high enough to detect. The other thing is did you have one or embroyos transfered? If yes then maybe one didn't make it hence bleeding. Just to say I also bled very heavily like a period when I was 6 weeks preg And went on to have a healthy now 16 year boy :) I was convinced I'd lost him. Some women do bleed in pregnancy and have healthy babies. Def wouldn't drink at all right now to be safe :) Hoping all goes well for you X

  • Hi Jess 1981 thanks for ur post. I had 1 balstocyst put in on 29/04 graded 5AA so very good x I'm still praying it's worked but I'm not 100% as I've had a heavy normal like period x I've just bought some more tests 25 miu so hopefully their more sensitive x the one that I used this morn was from the clinic and that was 25miu x I don't kno what clear blue ones are as they don't say on te box x fingers toes and everything crossed tho xxxx

  • Fingers crossed for you x

  • Finger cross Hun ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜ƒxx

  • Hi, how's it going hun? I hope all is well xxxx

  • My test which supplied by clinic was really faint so I bought a clear blue digital. Looks like a positive to me! Congratulations (FYI - I had some bleeding 8dpt and also at 6 weeks pregnant - how 15 weeks with a healthy pregnancy so please don't think the worst) xx

  • Hi kjornsby that's grey news congratulations x I tested again this morning twice lol on two different tests and still a possitive line and slightly darker๐Ÿ˜me and my husband just can't believe it yet I'm trying not to get all excited just incase it's wrong x maybie if their is still a line in a few days then yes lol x we are now on the ferry to France so will update everyone when were back on weds evening x lots of love and hugs to u all xxx

  • Wow...keeping everything crossed for you. Hope it is a miracle and dream come true. :-)

  • Fingers crossed for you hun xx

  • Hey everyone! France was fab x so nice to try n chill for a few days x tested every morn and still testing positive and the lines are getting darker x clini want me to test on sat then call Monday with results of still

    Positive I'll get booked in for an early scan x I still can't think oooo I'm pregnant x I don't kno what to think x I don't knonif I'm pregnant or what's goin on with my body but I really hope I am x u till I hav that's fort scan me and DH are trying not to get too excited xxxx hope ur all well xxxx

  • Wishing you get some good news x

  • Hi did ur clinic no take your blood for hcg levels x

  • This is sounding good sarah, stay positive lovely & good luck xx

  • Sunnysarah this is wonderful news I am so happy for you. When you've been trying for a while must feel surreal. Congratulations.Wishing you the very best with your scan and pregnancy. Take care X

  • Wish you all the good luck in this world for your pregnancyxx stay blessed.

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