Implantation bleed? BFP 7dp5dt

Hi everyone.

My test this morning was wonderfully darker than yesterday’s so still going strong so far but I’ve had quite a bit of spotting. I know I shouldn’t panic yet but I have never got this far before and haven’t a clue if normal. If it is implantation bleed it’s more than I thought it would be. I have had it couple of days I guess it is on and off and mainly when I wipe but also a bit on panty liner. It’s not like my normal period.

Have any of you had it? X

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  • I had it on the same day when I wiped and it was brown. I know it’s hard but try not to worry I was convinced it didn’t work. My husband kept me calm and I’m now 11 weeks pregnant with twins. Good luck xxx

  • Thank you and congrats! I’d love twins! X

  • Can't offer any advice but all sounding great that you're getting darker tests so early! How many embies did you put back?xx

  • 3🤞🙏

  • Oh wow, could be multiples!! Didn't know you would be allowed 3!!xx

  • Are you on pesseries? As I spotted 4 days after my test day, and the clinic said it was where I had scratch my cervix when inserted it, it last most of the evening and a little the next day,

    I think it is a common think to spot,

    Wishing you all the best xx

  • Thank you yes I am on them 3 a day it seems to have stopped a bit now but still got lots of light cramping going on

  • I had that too for a while after it’s called stretching of the uterus I think they said I had it and still do, I’m 15 weeks today and the worrying doesn’t get any easier, well for me it hasn’t,

    You may of done what i did say it hurt when I pushed it in I had the applicators

    And I didn’t think it was in enough so I pushed it more and it hurt, then when I went to the toilet next I was in a complete shock as I saw brown blood was convinced it was over xx

  • Ah mine has no aplicator it’s little capsules

  • Mine was capsules but I got given ones with applicators which I’m glad for lol

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