Ok so another months come round another month of pmt and period just another reminder I have IVF hanging over my head... Still waiting to see tube specialist at the end of next month about fluid in tubes and blocked tubes.

To top it off I over heard some jumped up 20 year old in a supermarket discussing the fact with her father "I don't belive in IVF or any of that stuff ". When he questioned her why all she could come up with was "cause people put there lives on hold! " I really did want to butt in the conversation....... It's surprising how much a over heard conversation can knock you side ways.

Any way sorry for the rant, wishing everyone good luck on there journeys x x x

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  • I hope for her sake she never has to go through the horrors of infertility- she'll be a bit stuck if she sticks with her current view point!

  • That's what I was thinking too, It's so sad that people think like that.

    I know everyone is entitled to there opion but until your in the position Ivf you just have no idea

  • Just what you needed to remind about your upcoming appointment! It's often things we don't expect that upset us most. Let's hope she doesn't need fertility treatment in the future. She hopefully won't have said it if she'd known anyone nearby was waiting for treatment, but it's amazing what people discuss whilst doing their shopping!

  • Hi Little_miss1980, Its a vicious circle isn't it! I feel like I'm on a treadmill that I can't get off. We have unexplained infertility so every month we have hope that it will be different. I agonise over every symptom I have in the month, wondering if this time it's all going to be different and inevitably I face the same negative outcome month after month.

    I try to keep busy and do lots to relax and we try not to put "our lives on hold" but at the end of the day this is more important than any night out/city break/spa weekend or Summer holiday so sometimes it does come before anything else.

    People can be incredibly ignorant but, when you're feeling down the smallest of things can set you off! x

  • I feel exactly the same as you Hopeful1982. It's so frustrating when you just don't know why it's not happening for you. I've "given up" trying on the months when we're not having treatment- it feels like nothing I do/don't do makes any damn difference.

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