This is probably the most irrelevant, moany and immature post but I need to get it out my system......How much does waiting suck!!!

I waiting to get matched to an Egg recipient and haven't even been waiting that long but it is literally all I can think about. The weekends are OK because I've made sure me and my OH are really busy but at work in the week, it is so bad! Does anyone have any advice or tips? I thought I'd be a lot better than this (am now dreading the 2ww and am understanding how people fold and test early) but the with every step forward we take, the more impatient I seem to be getting, is that weird?

Sorry for moaning, I know a lot of you wonderful women have been through so much worse than me and have been waiting for a little baby a lot longer. All I can say is I have so much respect and admiration for you. xx

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  • I really wish I could sugar coat it but waiting is the worst bit, I would rather have more injections than do the waiting. All i can say is try and keep busy, plan plenty days out. if your just in the house try baking or something to keep you busy. Wish there was more i could say, good luck though xxx

  • Thanks Jill. I'm not much of a baker so maybe this would be the perfect time to practice! :-) xx

  • You're right Missav, it's rubbish!!! We should all have the patience of a saint, you would think :) what helps me is baking/cooking/ nights out for tea- although all revolves around food lol. Chin up xx

  • Lol. I'll be ok, was just having a 'blurh' day! xx

  • Waiting has been really hard for me too, I've had to wait over 3 months for us to start our treatment again and we're finally able to start today.

    I tried to keep busy but found myself thinking about it more than I ever thought I would. It's tough but you will get through it.

    Have your clinic offered counselling?

    Good luck!

  • Hi pm27, oh wow 3 months is a long time, how come you had to wait so long? No they haven't yet, I might ask about it. Wishing you all the best with your treatment :-) xx

  • I had ruptured follicles so had to have medication to put things back to normal.

    Counselling might be useful to help cope with the waiting is good idea to check with your clinic.

  • Always waiting for something in the game of infertility. Waiting for blood results, waiting for appointments, waiting for scans, worrying about the drugs, worrying about every twinge, waiting for your period, and waiting to see if the procedure worked! It's always something!

  • Filmgirl101 it sounds so horrible! I just keep trying to focus on the end result. I find this site such a big help. Hope everything is going well with you. x

  • Hi Misssav, The waiting is awful! Having a baby occupies my thoughts most of my waking day. It's the first thing I think of in the morning and the last thing when I go to bed at night!

    We have our first appointment for IVF on 16 March and it feels like it's taking an eternity to get to that date. Yesterday I couldn't believe I still have another 2 weekends to wait!

    Worse still it's not like that appointment is going to be the answer to all my prayers. It will just mark the start of a new stage of the journey. It's so long and so frustrating. I worry how I'll manage if it doesn't work and we have to go through it again. I worry how I'll cope if it never works.

    Like you, I have a huge amount of respect for all women coping with fertility problems regardless of the issue or how long they've been living with it! Take care and I hope you get your egg match soon! x

  • Hi Hopeful1982

    I know what you mean. It is so hard but believe me each appointment does make it easier as you know you're actually on your way to getting your baby. like everyone I have my down days but I try and stay as positive as possible. It will happen.

    I got the call that I've been matched but still have more waiting to do! Wishing you all the best for the 16th. Keep us posted xx

  • Yippee! That's fab news misssav! Best of luck x

  • Your totally right I think the waiting is the worst part of it all! But every day and every appointment is a step closer! Respect to all the women and partners on here i think everyone is coping great considering the daily hurdles we go through! Good luck with everything xx

  • I agree - I hate waiting! I've been waiting for day 1 so I could count up to my day 21 injections, but my period didn't come until day 45 (it's been the hardest 17 days ever!). Now I'm waiting for the clinic to confirm if that means I'll have to do some hormone pills first to regulate my cycle (seems weird to take a contraceptive pill when I've been TTC for 8 years!) but it means putting off starting this first cycle (I think!). Waiting is horrible - I feel like I'm always counting days and wishing time would pass so we can make things happen. Good luck! Here's hoping we all get lucky! Kx

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