Can cetrotide be stored in the refrigerator? πŸ˜•

Hello everyone bit confused as pretty sure the nurse told me in hospital to store every thing except progesterone in the fridge but on the cetrotide id doesn't have a label stating needs to be refrigerated , i did store some in the fridge at 1st so worried they are ruined now and hoping we start this week after 2nd hysterscopy was all clear today , any advice would be great thanks xx

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  • Hello. Cetrotide must be kept in the fridge. I only remember because I keep meaning to sort out how to dispose of ours. As we don't need them now. Hope this helps hun. ️Xx

  • Thanks piglet just heard alot of different things very confusing isn't it xx

  • It is very confusing. I worried all the time when o dos my first cycle that I would do it wrong. But did not. Was so worried about injections to. Mixing all the viles together. But tuned out fine. :) good luck. ️Xx

  • Thankyou just hopefully no more delays from now on πŸ‘ see whats what this week xx

  • Hi, I kept mine in the fridge too. good luck x

  • Hi, I finished Cetrotide about a week ago. It doesn't need to be kept in fridge just not anywhere warmer than 25 degrees and keep in the box so protected from light.

    Good luck with your treatment.


  • Thanks guys big help 😊 xx

  • i had everything in the fridge so as to keep it below 25 but it was summer. I think only the trigger shot needs to be in there. Just the temp of your fridge there as cant go over 8 if remember rightly for that one

  • Thankyou xx

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