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FET And depression

Hi ladies i had 2 frozen eggs transferred on the 16th and today is day 8....... Im on progynova tablets and cyclogest at the moment . Ive been so tired of just waiting around that i did a pregnancy test this morning which came back negative. has anyone else been in a similar situation with the same types of meds as well.?????

I feel particularly derpressed today even before the test i have just been in a discusting mood and feel like giving up on the entire thing to be honest. At the moment it feels like a positive or a negative result would not change how low i feel to be quiet frank. I have just genuinly had enough! For someone who has always watched what she eats dosent smoke ....drinks a glass of red wine every now and then exeroises ... Dosent even take paracetomal for a headache.... Ive taken more meds this past year to last me a life time not to mention the glory of the injections ofcourse ...! Im really sorry for going on but i just feel like screaming the roof off this minute :-(.

Anyway i appologise for the negative post but i feel like this is needed sometimes aswell . Thanks for reading xxx

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Hi Mellisa1983, Sorry you're feeling so down but we all have those days. I'm not in the same situation as you but don't get to worried about the test result it is very early days. I'm currently using cyclogest and on the 2WW as well, testing on Wednesday and trying not to go crazy!

I feel the same as you sometimes, I'm a healthy weight, have never done any drugs or even smoked a fag, exercise regularly and yet have been unable to conceive to date. Then I see other women with a trail of kids behind them in the street, smoking or yelling at them and I feel really angry. If she can why not me! But you have to let the anger go and remember that we all get dealt a different hand and we have to deal with what we've got. When you do conceive you know your baby will be so special and loved because you went through so much to get there.

Try to stay hopeful, and think positive thoughts. Hope you feel better soon :-) xx


Thanks for replying vickal... i just want this test day over and done with which is next monday....i completely understand what you mean its so hard to see people involved in drugs and conceiving like theres no tomorrow and giving their kids up for adoption when there are women like us who could be great parents in this abnormal situation. I had a friend last week tell me to keep praying as god works in mysterious ways which just added to my anger as im sure everyone on here will understand why. The messed up thing is i use to work as a social worker and i would have to remove kids from homes of sexual and physicall abuse ..... those women and men did they really deserve to have those kids?? so yes maybe god does work in some messed up mysterious way!!.

i starting to loose all faith and hope at this point...

Anyway enough of the negativity hows your two week wait going? Have you had any symptoms ?


I know what you mean about your experience in social work. I worked at the county court on the family section for a year and saw all sorts of horrid situations. Made me realise how blind most of us are to that kind of thing going all around us on in our home towns.

Re symptoms about five days in I had some pinchy pains on and off all day, but the following day nothing. Had a mild heavy kind of pressure but don't feel any different really, which is worrying me. The pain was quite comforting really made me think something must be happening! How about you?

Only a few more days, wishing you lots of luck xxx


Ive had exactly the samesymptoms as you :-)) at the moment nothing..... i had some pinching and pressure but thats all....no spotting or brown discharge so im thinking probably no baby:-)) after the negative home pregnancy test this morning im pretty convinced its over but am still taking the meds untill my test day which is on monday so ill let you know what happens :-))


Fingers are crossed for you and me both xx


Hi Melissa

I'm having a rough day today too 😔 Think it just catches you sometimes, no matter what stage you're at, especially seeing others pop out babies left right and centre! Hope you're feeling better tomo and you have some wonderful positive news at the end of the 2ww. Xx


Hi debs yeap i have the blues today unfortunately but im sure ill get my head back in order in a few days.... im not really feeling going out and enjoying my self at the mo but like they say life goes on and im sure ill pick myself up soon .. thank you for your reply and good luck with your treatment xx


Keep your chin up Mellisa. This will be your time!! Try to plan a few nice things to keep you occupied. Maybe out for tea with hubby or some friends, a wee afternoon drive somewhere, maybe get your nails or hair done, or do some home baking or cooking? I'm only 1 day past transfer but it was a day 5 so a few days wait was done vefore transfer! I test day after you, tues 3rd!

You're a strong lady, you can do this!! I know you may be tired of being strong but try not to let this get the better of you :)


Thanks weemrs im just not feeling any enthusiasm today feel very low but like you said i eventually will get myself together ....hows ur two week wait going so far having any symptoms yet?


I've had lots of cramping and back pain the last two days. it's like what I get before my period but would normally be just a couple days before, not more than a week- I am hoping this is a good sign!! Any cramping I had in the days after egg retrieval was just the odd twinge, and had already stopped before replacement so I don't think it's that. This is pretty much constant- like a dull ache and heaviness.

Anyway no point speculating haha!

I really hope you pull yourself out from your funk, I know it's difficult hon. xx


Ahwww thats really good i mean from what i have read these past couple of years cramping is usually a good sign :-) so keeping fingers crossed for you hon :-)) i hope you will get your bfp on tuesday xxxx


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