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Negative and Positive HPT?

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Hi All,

I am new here, I am just looking to see if anyone has experienced what I have this week.

I am 14dp our FET our OTD was yesterday, I had taken the test supplied by our clinic and we instantly had two lines. The test line however had a slight break in the middle, this instantly made me doubt it was a true positive. We then with the same sample used a First Response test and a Clear Blue test both of which were negative no hint of a line.

I called the clinic to advise I believed their test was faulty and that we were not pregnant. The clinic then advised that they had never seen someone receive a false positive test and advised me to continue with my meds. They did also say that they have had this situation before whereby branded tests have been negative theirs positive and people have been pregnant.

I have tested today with a first response and again negative! We suffered a Chemical on our first fresh cycle so understand how tests can be positive and revert to being negative however the positive and negative were from the same sample?

If anyone has experienced this I would love to hear your stories.


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That’s very strange. I haven’t experienced this, nor heard of it, but do you think the clinic could provide you with another test (if they’re not too far away to collect it). Or will they do a blood test? If not, see if your GP will do one. Ours did after DP had a bleed - the GP was very understanding.

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Hi DisneyJL

Thanks for the reply. Yes the clinic have sent 2 via post as we are a couple of hours drive from them, they should hopefully be here today. I know very strange and I can't seem to find anyone else who has had the same thing. If we have the same situation with the new tests that they are sending then we will have bloods done. Just very strange!

Congratulations to you and your DP on your pregnancy! :)

I am sorry i have no experience of this however a positive is a positive. Hope you get the tests soon. Xx

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Thanks for the reply Camillage! I really hope it is I really do! it's just a confusion you don't expect to have isn't it! xx

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Yes. Always one hurdle after the next! Sending you a cautious congratulations.


Not had the experience but truly hope it is a positive for you x


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