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Bleeding after my blood test before the result

Monday was my first blood test, and after that i started bleeding before the result, and when the nurse rang me it was positif hormone level 60, blood came whit lots of crinone gel Brown and red, i rang again the nurse at night and she told me to keep taking crinone tuesday three Times until they tell me to stop, today the blood wasn't enought like yesterday, i'm feel hot inside and tired, another test is tomorow i'm Verry anxious, it's my first IVF and i'm turning 30yrs old in march. Just want to know if is normal? Sorry for my english my first language is french, i live in australia, thank you.

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Hi Jacquies. No need to apologise for your English! Sorry for the late reply, only I was off last Wednesday, when I would have normally replied. First of all, it was good to read that you had a positive pregnancy test result. By now I would have thought that this has been checked again with another blood test, and hopefully all is still OK. I am sure that they will check you also for any infection, as you have been feeling hot. I wouldn’t worry too much about any brown blood, as this is usually due to “old” blood coming away, so hopefully the bit of bleeding you have had will soon settle down. Obviously you will be anxious at this time, but I really hope that all is settling down and your pregnancy continues satisfactorily. Diane


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