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my first IVF has it failed even before the chance to test?

I had 2 grade 2 embryo's transferred 10 days ago, I began heavy bleeding yesterday feels like my period, hospital told me to carry on taking crinone gel and test as planned on 21st Sep, but can't see the point, if my period has already begun. I didn't even think you could get a period while taking crinone. I thought i would at least make it through the 2ww to the test date. Any one had any similar experiences?

I'm 37 with unexplained infertility and had 3 failed iui's. New to forum!

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Hi fairrachel. The reason for continuing with the Crinone gel, is that you had two embryos put back. There is always the chance that one is still there in spite of bleeding. Be brave and continue with the gel until you have tested, just to be on the safe side. It is an extremely scary time the 2WW, but just a few days to go now. I do wish you well. Kind regards. Diane


Hi Diane

Thank you for your advice and support it is much appreciated. I think your right there may be a small chance so I will continue taking the crinone until I test, it's so difficult to know what to do! Your right I feel that 2ww has been the worst part of it all so far.

As I have been bleeding since Sunday it feels like a period but not as painful as usual. I just hope that once I stop taking the crinone if the test is negative I won't bleed again or carry on bleeding once it's out of my system. As you are supposed to get a period a couple of days after you stop taking it.

It's so hard to get information on all of this, I suppose because every woman is different!

Have you had a similar experience with your treatment?



Hi Rachel. It is many years since I had any infertility treatment, but I do remember how hard it was at times. As a trained nurse I work part time for Infertility Network UK running their professional support line and also for Health Unlocked where I try and pick up on some of the medical queries that arise.

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I bled for a few days 5 days after transfer, then stopped. After my test I had no more bleeding for a month, and then a really really light period. My doctor actually made me test again to be sure of the BFN.


Hi unfortunately this is exactly what happened to me, and it was a BFN. I spoke to the clinic on the day of my period type bleed and they told me that the IVF had failed, but that I had to test at the end of the 2WW as there might be 1/1000 women that bleed heavily and still get a BFP, so they have to be absolutely sure.

I found the doubt the hardest thing to deal with. I bled heavily for 2 days and then stopped, so convinced myself that there was still a chance of a BFP. Even after my test came up BFN I still tried to hope that somehow they were still there.

My consultant told me that for this to happen it is your bodies rejection of the embryo's as they are chromosomally not viable. I actually felt better knowing that it wasn't anything that I did wrong, just that the embryos were not right and my body knew it. Its all such a lottery, we have what look like amazing embryos but they are just not quite right. Others that look less viable can work!

Diane is right though that you might still have one in there. I am hoping for you.. but I also believe in telling it how it is. So sorry to say it and of course I am hoping that I am wrong.


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