Bleeding before the end of 2ww

This is my first ever 2ww, after trying for nearly 8 years to have this chance is so amazing ! I am due to take my test on Saturday and I started bleeding slightly yesterday so I phoned the nurse and they upped my progesterone so now I am taking three lots but bleeding heavier now :( nurse said there is nothing they can do but I have to carry on until I do the test on Saturday morning !!! I feel like I am having a period and it hasn't worked :(

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  • Oh hun. What a awful time for you. :( just try and stay calm until Saturday. And I really hope you get the outcome you want. Will be thinking of you on Saturday. Wishing you lots of luck. Take care and lots and lots of love. Xx x

  • Thank you piglet , this is my first cycle and the 2ww wait has defo been the hardest part ! :(

  • Do you have more cycles? That's what helped us through. It still was upsetting but we knew it was not the end for us. It is the hardest part. But I also quickly learnt that whatever happens its not our fault. ️Xxx

  • Yeah we have one more go , thank you so much for your kind words :)

  • That's good then. For now relax take easy. And try not to think about it. I know that's hard. Please let me know the outcome when your ready to by pm if you prefer. Lots of love. Xx

  • Thank you so much :)

  • Anghun, Try to stay calm and not get to stressed intill you do your test on Saturday i know its really hard to the 2 wk wait is the hardest part of it all. Its also my first icsi i am due to do my test tomorrow and have been the same all day thinking my period is just on its way as i've had shooting pains in my cervix on and off all day and since last night, im now so worried in doing my test tomorrow. We have just got to try and remain positive and keep praying that its worked for us. Wishing you lots of luck and a positive result for Saturday. XXX

  • I have been so emotional today it's horrible :( thought the bleeding would of slowed because they told me to have more progesterone but just getting heavier :( I hope all goes well for you tomorrow and you get a positive x

  • It is so horrible not knowing if its yet worked. I've heard women can bleed through out there pregnancy so try not to worry just yet i know its hard not to but try and stay calm intill Saturday. This means the world to us as we don't have any more embryos left as they didn't make it and we only get the one cycle and don't have the money to try again plus were not getting any younger as im 36 and hubby is 7 yrs older. XX

  • Fingers crossed for you :) xxx

  • Fingers crossed and everything else xxx Goodluck

  • Hi Hun just want to wish you good luck with your test I hope you get a BFP fingers crossed for you X

  • Thank you jess :) x

  • Hiya

    This is sad to hear but don't give up hope the body works in mysterious ways sometimes.

    Massive luck to you hope you get a positive.

    Stay calm no stressing even though that's hard put your feet up xxx

  • Thank you tamtam :) I have woken up this morning and had to take the day off work because the bleeding has got heavier :( :( so doubt will get a bfp tomorrow morning :(

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