Stabbing pains around belly button

Hi All,

I im 10 and half weeks pregnant and have been having stabbing pains around my belly button the other night while going to bed it was that bad i thought my husband would of had to rush me to hospital i was told it could be round ligament pain by a doctor from my clinic at my 8 wk scan but my midwife thought i was to early in pregnancy for it to be that. Has anyone else experienced the same and know what it is ? Xx

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  • Hi. Me back again! I think you will find that it is just due to your womb starting to migrate out of your pelvis. Lot's of stretching starting now. Just rest if it is really bothersome, and it should soon pass. Diane

  • Thankyou for your reply, I don't really know what to put it down to a doctor tells me one thing and a midwife tells me another. Its so reassuring to know nellynel has had what the doctor called it round ligament pain in early preganancy aswell. Im also expecting twins so it could be due to my womb just stretching. xx

  • Hi. Yes, the round ligaments support your womb, so they will “tug” a little as your babies grow. Twins! That’s amazing. The umbilical cords will have developed now, and your babies will look more “human” rather than like “beans”! All very exciting! Diane

  • I have had terrible trouble with round ligament pain and I got it early on. I am 25 weeks now and I still have a lot of trouble. I have also just been diagnosed with PGP

  • Hi nellynel, Thankyou for your reply im sorry to hear that you have had terrible trouble with it, its so reassuring to know that someone else has had it in early pregnancy, can i ask you how you cope with it they told me to try a hotwater bottle. Xx

  • Hi, sorry to hear that it is bad, I had this VERY early on in pregnancy and wouldn't be surprised to hear if it is more pronounced with twins as your uterus has more stretching to do! Hope it eases off soon but sounds pretty normal and like everything is as it should be to me :-) xxx

  • Hi there.

    Just to let you know I had this early on in pregnancy too. Its my first pregnancy so I would only imagine its more than normal for this to happen as everything is stretching for the very first time. If you look up "vagina knives" and round ligament pain you will find that lots of women have it. Its sharp, sudden & quick, and to be honest I would say its quite painful but literally lasts a few seconds. I sometimes get it if I cough/laugh/sneeze. I would only really worry if there is bleeding. My advise is to put your feet up and lay down when your getting an attack of them and drink a bottle of water. Fluids eases everything xx

  • Thankyou Crystal2013 and Jenny34 for you advice, I went to see my doctor Friday and shes got me in for my 12 week scan tomorrow to make sure everythin is ok with babies as im not due to see my midwife for the first time intill next week and by the time my midwife would be sending me for my 12 wk scan it will be time for my 20 wk scan lol. My doctor did say its all down to everything stretching and i have also had some of them "vagina knives" Crystal they are painful i think what Diane said there playing with the unbilical cord i think im having two little monkeys hehe!!! I will let you all know how my scan goes tomorrow and thankyou you all again for the advice and support xx

  • Its the pgp which is really causing me problems. Struggling to walk. Have the stitch type sharp ligament pain when I'm swimming mainly but it stops when I stop

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