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Awful pains after egg collection

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I had my ec today and felt fine immediately after but by the time I got to the car, I was in agony and felt very sick. The drive home from Wales to Oxfordshire was awful.

Almost 10 hours later and my tummy is still very painful. I can’t sit and struggle to stand. It is a pain that is like a cross between having done a done of stomach exercises and having extremely bad trapped wind. My tummy is also extremely bloated.

I don’t really have a clue what is normal. Was told only to take paracetamol but it isn’t really touching it.

Wondered what others had experienced and how long this might last (have called work to say I won’t be in tomorrow).


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I had my ec on Friday and my bellys still sore today really sore when I walk about am the same the pain killers just don't help xxxx

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deborahclaire in reply to Kay_x

Oh blimey! I thought I’d be back at work the next day.

Hope you feel better soon xx

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Kay_x in reply to deborahclaire

You to love ❤️xx

Sorry to hear this. Make sure you drink lots and lots of fluids as difficult as that might be with the bloatedness but it's really important. Moniter your urine - if you're peeing regularly then that's a good sign. If your symptoms continue to get worse though tonight e.g. you get a fever, then get yourself over to the nearest hospital asap. Not trying to scare you but it's important to watch closely for all ohss signs. Hope you start feeling better soon. Xx

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Thank you.

My husband has brought up a length of plastic tubing so that I can drink water from a lying down position 😄 xx

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He sounds like a great hubby! Take care of yourself xx

I agree with Renee, make sure you familiarise yourself with OHSS symptoms and if you start to see any more of them then get yourself to the local hospital. Better to be safe than sorry x

I have googled it. I only had 2 follicles and 2 eggs so I’m not in the at risk catagory but will monitor symptoms. Might call the clinic if still bad tomorrow.

Thanks x

I had exactly the same with mine and stayed in bed for days so totally understand where you’re coming from as I was panicking big time. Drinks lots of water and be kind to yourself. X

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How many days had you been in bed?

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I think I had a week off work! I felt so rough, it did get better after that though. Hope you’re ok x

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I haven't start the treatmwnt yet but I am at risk ,I am not les than 35 but I have naturally 19 folicles I am a bit worried....,I have to talk to the Dr. an I will ask him if I could have a hiperestimulation .

I had a really bad time with mine. I think it's just the luck of the draw. I had mild OHSS and ended up off work for 2 weeks. Hope your feeling better today xx

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deborahclaire in reply to JKT90

2 weeks! Oh my goodness.

I’m still laid up today. Going to ask the clinic if I can take something stronger than paracetamol when they call today.

I really hate letting work down. They are being very understanding though.

Hope you are in a good place now xx

There is tablets for winds at the Pharmacy ,I bought them sometimes .

Maybe you could try .

Also Aloe Vera juice mixed with water first thing in the morning is good for empty the stomack .

Eat oranges amd prunes , and fiber tablets all from Holland&Barretts.

Hi everyone.

I’m a lot better this evening. Have taken some Codine and paracetamol. Going back to work tomorrow.

No fertilisation this time. Trying to be positive that we have 2 more rounds left as bought a bundle.

Hi sis hope you are fine I've been there please drink a lot of fluids especially water and take paracetamol for pains you will be better.

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