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Right-sided sharp stabbing pain

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So I'm almost 4dp3dt and tonight since coming to bed I've developed a sensation on the right side of my pelvis. I've had small cramps or twinges every day and have done this enough times to know that's normal either way, but I've never experienced this feeling before. Whichever way I go to turn over it pulls sharply and is painful, even if I pull my knee into my chest it pulls. It's like a needle and thread catching both sides of fabric together. Worried it's something serious; has anyone else had this? I am assuming for something like an ectopic it would be too early at this stage to feel that but I'm only guessing/hoping!

Swore I wouldn't become over-sensitive and paranoid but this feels too weird :(

Can anyone reassure me this is normal? xx

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I had sharp pains almost felt like stabbing pains last time. X

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WeeMrsH in reply to MrsTM13

It's enough to make me catch my breath. Just worried it's something bad like an infection :(

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MrsTM13 in reply to WeeMrsH

Maybe see how you feel in the morning and ring your clinic? X

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WeeMrsH in reply to MrsTM13

Yeh think I will ring them- thanks x

Agree with others, ring your clinic but also book GP and ask to get a urine test, just to err on side of caution. I had an early UTI of some sort and needed anti biotics a few days after a positive test. I think I got the infection days before the test. I still got a pregnant result. So these things can happen, try not to worry, although i know worry is constant at this stage. I was given antibiotics safe for pregnancy, as some are not.

That said, I had constant pulling and stinging pains up until 4 months of pregnancy, so this could be implantation pains - i hope for you.

Did you have a fresh cycle? Sorry I have not been on this site for a long time but used to be a regular, so I am a bit out of the loop. If a fresh cycle, it could also be your ovaries calming down following stimms, possibly.

I really hope you feel better tomorrow. Let us all know how you get on. x

:( how you feeling this morning? Even though it's only 3.30am in U.K. right now! Don't like the sound of the pain at all! Did you sleep? xx

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WeeMrsH in reply to emu2016

It seems to have gone (though was still there when I got up for the loo middle of night) now so think I'll hang off and phone clinic if it comes back. xx

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emu2016 in reply to WeeMrsH

Make sure you do and no cooking tea tonight 😉

Hi, I've had this exact pain too, the night before my test I was getting it when I was turning over in bed. I thought I had lost it, but got BFP in the morning. I called the nurses and they weren't concerned, just told me not to do anything to strenuous and move slowly. However it can be a sign of OHSS, so definitely check in with your clinic. Mine is much more settled today and I just have mild cramping more centrally. x

I had this and got a bfn xxx

Morning. Just wanted to check in and see how you're doing this morning? Hope you manage to get some clarity from your clinic. Sending lots of positive vibes. Xx

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Thanks! It seems better now so think I'll hold off the phone call unless it comes back. Was very weird xx

Hi everyone thanks for checking on me, seems to have settled but it was pretty un-nerving at the time. Think I'll just stay a bit more horizontal and/or glued to the sofa today just in case xx

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So glad to hear it and glad to hear you're resting up. X

I had it when I was pregnant. I was assured it's quite normal. And the baby certainly wasn't ectopic.. Ive been experiencing it for days on and off now that I'm waiting for my cycle to normalise.. I'd say try not to worry but I know you will. If the pain becomes unbearable or you experience bleeding then get yourself checked out xx

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WeeMrsH in reply to Tugsgirl

Hi Tugsgirl, thanks for your reply. It's too early to be anything concrete as OTD not for another week. I just got a fright as never had it so intense. It's gone now so no point phoning clinic I just worried it was like I say an infection or something.

Hope you're doing okay xx

Hey WeeMrsH, I've had something similar to what you're describing at different points and always just thought it was either everything my body had been through & was settling down, or my endometriosis. It never lasted beyond the odd time over a day or two and nothing has ever indicated it was anything to worry about. Hope it's something & nothing and the rest of your 2ww is uneventful xxx

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WeeMrsH in reply to Georgina78

I'm obviously hoping it's a good thing but it surprised me, so much that my that my automatic response was something bad 😳

Hope you're well and staying sane Georgina! xx

hi WeeMrsH. I met lots of women with cramps before beta and it seems like it's a common thing basically. not always but it happens.

anyway, I'm glad you feel better this morning. i hope the next days of your 2ww will be smooth and you'll get what you want. however, regardless of your current state you better contact your dr just in case. Fingers crossed for you xxx

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WeeMrsH in reply to Petricker

Thanks for your reassurance Petricker xx

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