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Unusual symptoms-Clomid?

hello am just looking for a bit of advice really1

Am 29 and have stage 4 endo. Following a lap in August last year some of it was removed and tubes and ovaries looked ok but found out I wasn't ovulating.

Started Clomid two months ago which has aggrevated the endo no end and made me feel physically incredibly poorly when I'm on but aside from that I'm very lucky I don't have other symptoms throughout my cycle.

Cycle has always been like clockwork 28days even last month with Clomid but this month I've had some cramping and tender breasts the last 2 days and I've also had some spotting this morning which I've never had ever. I'm not due on for another 5-6 days so just wondering if this is the Clomid behind this or endo changing its game a bit??

Am currently awaiting an IVF referral which was advised by my consultant or am thinking of it privately. It all feels a mind field at the moment

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Hi Cornburygirl. Oh dear! I think that what you are experiencing is down to the Clomid. Common side effects do include breast tenderness and inter-menstrual spotting. You’ve had some treatment on your endometriosis, so I would have thought that it would be a bit calmer for a while. Try and ride it out, and hopefully it will settle down again. Obviously if you do get really worried about the symptoms, you will need to speak with whoever prescribed the drug. Regarding the NHS referral, do check whether you will forfeit this if you try private first. Whatever you do decide, I do hope all works out well for you. Diane


Hello. I have just finished a 6 month course of 50mg clomid and found I had very similar symptoms to yourself whilst taking it. It increased my pain levels and I constantly felt very nauseous around ovulation and had a lot of mid cycle spotting. I did ask my consultant who prescribed the clomid about how I was feeling and he assured me that how I was feeling was normal because it was working. I hope you feel better soon, maybe you could have a chat with your GP in the meanwhile to set your mind at rest? Since finishing the clomid last month I'm starting to feel better. I hope this helps :)


Hi, I am a doctor and a sexual health specialist. What strength of Clomid have you tried and for how long? Dr Webberley


Hello and thank you all for your replies.

I've had to change consultants due to change of area but seeing the one I'll be under for definite next week so will go armed with questions! I will enquire about ivf and those options and see how this may affect any nhs entitlement.

IM near to end of my second cycle of Clomid at 50mg on days 2-7. Blood test last month showed results went from 13-60 which was positive. Last month I was very nauseous up until O but then horrific pain leading up to and then first two days of work.

But this month I've been fine up until last few days where had some spotting and my breasts are so so sore it's unreal! Am also very tired with quite a few headaches.

They did warn me that it would aggrevate my endo but I didn't think I would feel this quick like it had returned. Because it was so extensive when they did the lap they only removed what they could which wasn't that much but luckily tubes were all ok x


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