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Hysteroscopy done! Wasn't that bad! Moving on again :-)

Hiya ladies just an update after TTC for 3 years - was about to start IVF then fell pregnant naturally - then had a miscarriage :-(

To date I have just had a Hysteroscopy to check the lining/scarring of my womb after my D&C. All was good so I'm raring to go again. :-). Now just waiting for my next cycle so I can start the injections for IVF. Fingers crossed. Feeling nervous but excited. X

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Hi mooster1..

I am so sorry to hear about your miscarriage that must have unbelievably hard for you both..

But I'm glad to hear that your ready to start again.. That is wonderful news..

Good luck with your treatment I hope it's successful. :) Wishing you the very best with it all

Jess xxx


Thanks Hun. Certainly is an emotional journey. Xx


I didn't find the HSG too bad either.

I'm hoping we can start again on ICSI very soon.

Glad to hear you're ready to move on after the miscarriage.

Wishing you every success.


Thanks Hun. Good luck to you too. Keep me posted. Xxx


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