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Fed up of the vicious fertility bubble I seem to be in. Three years trying to conceive - unexplained fertility - about to start IVF - conceive naturally just before I start IVF - miscarry twins @ 12 wks - D&C - now back to square one!!!!! Back to booking appointments at the fertility clinic again - back at the beginning :-(. Feels like another year wasted :-(

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  • Hello mooster. Please dont think of it as a year wasted. Think of it as a year of your body learning how to get pregnant. I was told yesterday that we have not wasted two years of icsi treatment. I now know I can get pregnant. Not that helps right now. But you know you can get pregnant now. Hope this is of some help. ️Xx

  • Thanks Piglet. Yes it does help but I guess every now and then it's so disheartening. Sometimes everything feels so negative it's hard to see the positives. Know there are some in my situation though :-). Just have to take month by month again I guess. X

  • I know its hard. It was only yesterday they fully confirmed my un viable pregnancy and so I need to stop my meds and a miscarriage will happen. Even though we new the outcome. I was still a bit silly to believe it would still be ok. Just Take day by day hun. Dont feel you have to Take it more than that. Lots of love. ️Xxx

  • Awww Hun so sorry to hear that. Know what you mean it don't feel real does it. I felt like an outsider looking in when the nurses told me. Then it seemed like my Choices were tablets or operation and boom that's it my once happy bubble was shattered. Keep in touch Hun. I know some of what you must be feeling. I've booked another appointment at the fertility clinic but everything seems to take so long & is so frustrating. X

  • That must have been awful for you hun. I'm sorry. You keep in touch to. Thankfully they did not want me to do either because I was only 9 weeks. They wanted it to be done naturally. As they did not want to risk damaging my womb etc as there is no other issues with me. We are leaving contacting our clinic again for a while. Not ready to yet. Hope something happens soon hun. Xxb

  • Hi Mooster,

    I had a similar devastating experience in April 2013. We found out that I'd had a missed miscarriage of identical twins at the 12 week scan. I went for the medical management as my body didn't want to give up the babies and didn't want surgical procedure as they found some small fibroids. Ironically the hospital said there wasn't a fertility issues as we had been able to get pregnant twice after trying for 3-4 months each time. After waiting for a year to see the NHS consultant and being told again that it was probably because I'm over 35 and blood test after miscarriage showed I hadn't ovulated (probably too soon after miscarriage). He said to have HSG and bloods again, plus hubby's sperm. He also suggested we go private. So I also felt that a year had been wasted. The private tests showed I'm fine but hubby isn't. So much for the NHS consultants guesses! We started ICSI in September and had 2 embryos implanted but it didn't work. We didn't get any other embryos despite getting 13 eggs from me so we're looking at starting again.

    It is frustrating and upsetting but I am trying to keep the faith, something 2 people told me at the start of the ICSI journey.

    I wish you all the best and hope that 2015 brings you your much wanted baby/babies.

    Good luck!

  • Aww thanks Hun. You have certainly been through it too! It's so disheartening as there's no actual time/goal that can be set with fertility it's a constant 'Unknown' which makes it's so dam hard! I try to be positive but life throws so many other things at you too that you actually start to think what the hell have I done wrong! Fingers crossed for happy news for us both and many other mummies in 2015 Hun. Xx

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