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Iui & ivf help

Before we started our ivf journey we were awarded 3 rounds of iui then we were placed on the ivf waiting list we done 2 cycles of iui which were abandoned due to over stimming so we reached the top of ivf waiting list and just done 1 cycle which failed we have just received a letter asking if we wish to continue with iui

Would I be allowed to do my 3 cycles of iui whilst on a break from ivf? Clinics shut until tomorrow so can't ask them

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Hi there I'm new to this site but just wondered what your fertility problems are?

As just found out my other half has low sperm and motility xx


Hi .. My partner has no sperm at all coz after vasectomy and reversal failed .. He had operation done called PESA couple month ago where doctor took sperm directly from him and we got enough for 6 cycles .. All frozen and now waiting for ICSI where we were told only one sperm is enough for one egg which are great news..hope u will be lucky too if going thru the same .. Procedure took only like 20 mins and he was fine no pain nothing .. Xx good luck




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