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Just started ifv this month and I'm worry because of my age and the fact that I had utering scarring before

I will be 39 yrs in Dec. I had miscarriage in June 2012 at 8wks then later discovered I had asherman's syndrome after I waited for my period to come for 6 months after the abortion. I was operated on, on Dec 2012 got pregnant immediately in February 2013 lost the pregnancy again at 4 wks due to thin endometrium.(4.5mm). went to my obg I was told I will have to undergo another surgery due to the severity of the scarring (asherman's syndrome), I had another operation in Dec 2013. Since then my endometrium has grown naturally from 4mm to 6.5, 7mm, and when I used drugs like progynova mite it grows more than that. My problem now since last year 2013 I have not been able to conceive on my own, I've tried (IUI) 3times that failed. My next step is to move to Ifv which I'm currently undergoing, I'm on my day 7 of stimulation today 15/10/14, I had a scan on my day 4 of stimulation I have 6 follicle at 10 and 11mm I'm still on menopur and I have another scan schedule for this Friday. Please my question is, is it still possible to develop more follicle after the 1st scan and what is my chance of becoming pregnant. Another thing I have one tube that is blocked. Thanks.

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6 follicles is more than I got! If they are all developing properly, that's enough to work with. My body is healthy, all tests normal, but don't respond to the drugs at all. 2 follicles and 3 eggs is the most I have ever gotten. I have never heard of more starting to grow after the process has already happened. Is your AMH high? Were you expecting more? Did you have a high AFC?


Thanks replying me I'm really very grateful. To ur questions: My FSH is 8, my AMH is normal according to my Dr and I don't know how high my AFC is. And yes I'm expecting more. Thanks


Ask you doctor what they were expecting. For myself, I thought as all tests were normal and I had 17 follicles, that they would all develop. It depends apparently how you respond to stimulation. Don't despair, the irony to my IVF experience was that the treatment that I only had 1 follicle and egg was the one treatment that worked! I would concentrate on keeping yourself positive and healthy. And hopefully the little developing eggs turn into embryos and find a happy place to grow!


Thanks for your kinds words your really give me something to hold unto. My Dr said they are expecting 12 good eggs.


Hi Abbygirl, I had one tube removed in March this year and the other is blocked.

IVF - on my first scan day 7 of stims they told me there was only one main follicle developing there were others but too small and not likely to develop anymore however they did and they retrieved 4 eggs, one fertilised. Due to my response to the process and endo factors they only gave me a 10% chance of success and now I'm pregnant!!! It shows it only take one good egg, wishing you all the best xxx

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Thanks Lissy1 for your reply and I'm so happy to hear that u are pregnant even after been given 10% chance of success. Your good news gives me hope that mine will be successful too. CONGRATULATIONS to you and your DH, I'm so happy for you.


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