Just had my first scan this morning to check when I am about to ovulate so they can transfer 2 of our frozen Blastocysts in a natural cycle

The Doctor seen my follicle measuring 14 cm this morning and my lining is starting to get abit thick, the follicle needs to be 16 cm so I will be having another scan in the morning to catch my ovulation and watch when my follicle has burst then hopefully have the transfer 5 days after this has happened.

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  • How did you get on? X

  • Hi Stellawaddingham it went fine thanks, everything looked as it should im back in the morning to check my growing follicle and ovulation, once ive ovulated I will have our frozen embryos transferred. Hows things with you? x

  • O good ! They lost my blood group test so had to have it done again. Not herd anything from them since. Waiting for a match but every time I call the nurse she is off. The big waiting game ! Been waiting since 4th dec x

  • Ah I do wish you all the best of luck finding a match. It is hard waiting around for appointments and phone calls, we just have to be patient.x

  • What happens once the follicles burst and you ovulate? What happens to that egg?

  • That egg wont do anything, I don't exactly know where it goes but I imagine if I get a negative pregnancy test with the frozen transfer then I will get a period and that egg will just shred probably.

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