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Waiting for egg collection

Hi everyone, I'm a bit nervous as I've been told that we are ready for egg collection on Monday morning. I'm going to take Ovitrelle at 9pm tonight. I've read posts which say it's quite uncomfortable & people feel poorly afterwards. Just wanted to ask for tips on what other people did to help ease any discomfort. I've got 12 follicles of sizes from 11-19, no idea if this is normal. I've just fingers crossed that things go well on Monday!

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Hope all goes well xxxx


Hi, 12 follicles is good that's about what I had, I think I had about 9 mature eggs so it's plenty


Hi wishing you all the best. Im currently on day 9 of the menopur and day 5 of the cetrotide. Go for the second scan on Monday to see how things are going. Im not sure how to make the collection more comfortable as I havnt had it yet but I am planning on a couple of days rest with some paracetamol. Hope you get on well - keep us posted


Thanks very much everyone, will let you know how I get on! X


Best of luck xx


Hi I had egg collection Friday and I got 13 eggs and 9 of them fertilised I got told yesterday she said that's really good, it was really quick I was asleep for about half an hour woke up feeling fine was out after an hour or so after felt a bit sore after still do today but not painful and uncomfortable just feel like I'm bruised inside that's all wasn't as bad as I had read up about but not everyone is the same but just look after yourself and everything will be okay good luck sweetie:) xxx


The Ovitrelle injection is just like the others so no side effects.

I had egg collection back in June. I wasn't put to sleep but was sedated so it all felt a bit dreamy. It's not painful but it is uncomfortable. Like when you're at the dentist, you're numb but you're aware something's going on and you might feel a dull sensation. It is over quite quickly though and recovery for me was less than a day. I was walking around waitrose half an hour after choosing some yummy snacks!

I took two days off work though to make sure and slept a lot the same day and just took it easy day after.

Depending on where you go they may or may not give you a snack. I would recommend taking some of your own biscuits or something as what I was given was naff and they would let my hubby have any! Don't take a full on picnic though ha ha!

Good luck.

Oh I had 32 follicles which seems like loads but they weren't all good sizes. I was brought forward because I had so many they were worried about ohss. I got 9 eggs and all fertilised. 1 transferred and three frozen... I am now 13 weeks pregnant... So even if it was the worst pain in the work it would be worth it to get this far so far!


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