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Apparently I am being 'sterilized' on Tuesday

I am so incredibly upset. I am having my third operation next week to try (again) to repair my tubes, and if not, remove them as they have hydrosalpinx.

I got my letter confirming the appointment today, and in the box where it says "procedure" they have written, in big bold letters, STERILIZATION. I cannot explain how hugely upset this makes me feel. It is the last thing in this world I want to have done to me, all I want is a baby. How could the hospital be so insensitive?

I know it is probably just because it is the closest procedure code to what I am having done, and I keep trying to think of my consultant who would probably laugh it off and say "why do you care what the paperwork says, we know what we are doing and why. Ignore it, its just hospital paperwork".

It just makes me feel like an inmate on death row walking towards the gallows. So so awful.

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Awww try not to think of it as sterilization, I know that is what your letter has said but it is mostly due to having the tubes out together and not one at a time or just one, unfortunately that is what they call it when they remove 2 tubes together, my procedure was called Elective salpingectomy, Elective means not an emergency and obviously the salpingectomy means removal of tube, so I think that is why they have worded yours differently, yes I agree though its a scary thought having parts of your reproductive system removed but as you already know it is the best for the best outcome in IVF, I am in the same boat, but I promise you, you will be ok.


It's exactly the same operation for me, it makes no difference if it is one or two tubes. 'Elective' means you have chosen (elected) to have them removed, not that it isn't urgent. Salpingectomy means removal of the tube(s) for reasons other than sterilization.

It's a big mistake by my hospital. My husband is going to phone and complain today, they should be more sensitive.


I would double check anyway. It would scare me that they would take more than just the tubes... And you're a person, not a number. They can word things more sensitively for everyone's benefit.


We have sent a formal complaint to the hospital. They need to be aware how upsetting this is!


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