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Success with frozen embryos

Hi has anyone had success with Blastocysts frozen on day 6, we have 3 of them frozen on day 5 and 4 of them frozen on day 6. I was told by our clinic the day 6 ones take abit longer to implant. Im starting to prepare my self now. Back at the Clinic on the 13th August to arrange FET. I really would like one of these to work so i don't need to do a full round of IVF again.

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Hi Danielle,I had a FET a couple of weeks ago and had a positive result. The whole process is far less stressful. I hope it all goes well for you!


Hi, firstly congrats on so many frosties! This will give you lots of chances :-) I too am alittle confused about day 6 blasts. I had 3 x 5day and 2 x 6day blasts frozen. I think with the day 6 ones, they just took a little longer to make it to Blastocyst. The embryologist told me they would put the day 5 ones back first, as these are seen as slightly better quality. Any blast is great though!

In terms of success, I had my 1st frozen blast and am now 10 weeks pregnant today :-D I agree with Hope14, the whole process was so much less stress. I felt a million dollars compared to when i had my fresh transfer. I had a natural frozen cycle and it was great.

Good luck - you have lots of frosties to try with, but I'm pleasantly surprised at how many people seem to have success with their 1st frozen transfer - me included!



Hi jenny thanks for this, did you have 1 transferred or 2, they said I could have 2 but be aware of twins! congratulations on your pregnancy, it does actually work in frozen cycles then, did they give you any reason why your fresh transfer did not take. xx


Hi, you're welcome! I had 2 transferred but it wasnt really intended that way. What happened was that the 1st blast didnt thaw well, and the embryologist said it was "unlikely to result in a pregnancy". She gave us the option of transferring it anyway, or thawing another. We asked if we could thaw another but couldnt bare the thought of not giving the 1st one a chance, so asked if we could have both put back. Consultant agreed - probably because I turned 36 in April. Also I am private. I think they give you strongly worded advice against putting 2 back if you are under 35 and NHS.

The success rate of blasts is pretty much the same in frozen cycles as in fresh cycles nowadays. They didnt give me a reason why the fresh one didnt take - I just put it down to being totally drained from the stims and drugs from the cycle. To be honest I wasnt expecting it to work, I felt so rough.

With the natural cycle I felt so much better, still couldnt believe it when I tested + though!

Good luck with yours :-) xxx


Thanks for sharing things with me Jenny, I have just turned 30 but they said I could have 2 transferred as the success rates are abit lower I think but I think they are changing the rules 2 transferring 1 back at a time even in frozen transfers as to many multiple pregnancies. My clinic told me that the embryologist may of thought it was the right one at the time of transfer or that it might not of been a strong one, so I took there word, ive also just had surgery 6 weeks ago to remove my remaining tube as it was hydrosalpinx so I cant help but think, was it the fluid in the tube that did not help aswell, ive had it removed now though so no more worry when I have transfers now.:) What is the cause of your infertility may I ask? x


Hi Danielledavison, No I have not got to that stage, but will eventually. I'm wondering if anyone have any experience of IVF/ICIS at Harley street clinic or Lister clinic.


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