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Frozen embryos didn’t survive thaw and recommendations for clinic


Hi everyone,

I have never written here before and just read other people’s posts up to now but hoping for some help from you lovely ladies now.

I did a fresh cycle of IVF in March and that didn’t take and have been on a FET cycle for past 6 weeks. When we went to have transfer this week we were told none of our 3 frozen embryos had survived. It was devastating as we had definitely not prepared for that! I’m 29, we have male factor infertility and had been told we had really good embryos that were frozen and that I had responded really well to the ivf.

I can’t believe none of them survived - it seems so unfair and unlikely. Does anyone have any experience of this or have any suggestions for further testing we should have or questions we should be asking?

That was our final NHS funded round so now we will have to go privately - anyone have any recommendations for a private clinic in London?

I had naively hoped from the four embryos (one transferred fresh and three frozen) that we’d get all our children from that and now we are back at square one and truly heartbroken.

Any help or ideas would be very welcome.


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I don’t have any experience with failed thaws, or London clinics, but just wanted to offer my condolences & support at this horrible, horrible time for you.

What I would suggest is when looking at clinics maybe look at if they have an egg share programme, seeing as it’s the male factor that is the issue. Donating eggs can seem daunting at first, but the fact that you can help someone achieve their dream whilst trying to achieve yours is pretty amazing. 😊

You poor thing. You must be devastated. On my last transfer we lost one embryo but still had one left to transfer (I’ve had 4 transfers) and that was traumatic enough. All they could tell us is that it just failed to thrive.

Do you have a follow up appointment booked? It doesn’t happen very often but I do remember another lady on here who lost all her embryos at transfer, I think it was four in one go..

I hope you’re able to get some idea as to why it happened and you’ll have more success next time xx


Hi Firsttimeivf1. So, so sorry to hear that this has happened to you both and I do hope that you can get an answer as to why it happened, although this is not always possible. I hope you've got plenty of support around you just now, as you will be feeling very fragile. Be careful who you spend your time with at the moment, and perhaps just confide in a close friend or relative. The ladies here are already replying to your post, and I know that they, and more will follow for that support you need. I do have a couple of lists of questions I could email you in confidence if you would like them. Lots won't be appropriate, but there will be a few you can use when at your next consultation. If you want them, then email me at: and I will get them to you. Thinking of you. Diane

So sorry to hear this, my heart really does go out to you!! Similar to Tugsgirl, on our 2nd cycle we lost one in the thaw but still had two, and that was traumatic enough!! Sending you loads of love & strength for the coming days and hope that your follow up app’mnt with the clinic can shed some light for you!! xx

I am so sorry to read this Firsttimeivf1. It is so difficult - especially when they just don't have an answer. I guess at the follow up they might suggest further tests - genetics etc to try to understand further.

I can only send you hugs and warn against too much googling. Xxx

What?? How is that even possible!! Isn’t the clinic suppose to take care of them? I didn’t know that was possible!! You must be so mad!! So sorry to hear this! I wish you the very best

I'm so sorry to hear this... Did the clinic give you an explanation? Sending you lots of hugs

Thank you all for your kind words of support and encouragement. It was a total shock and heartbreaking really.

I will have my follow up appointment in a couple of weeks and hopefully I’ll get some more answers there, and I’ll do some more research into other clinics and things.

Thanks ladies xxx

Oh my, I am so sorry to hear this and offer my deep condolences to you. Cannot imagine what you are going through. It never crosses my mind that embies may not survive the thaw (sure I have been told) but like you put it to the back of our minds I guess. Good luck in finding a clinic and hope it all works out for you xxx

I am so sorry to hear this. How upsetting and what a shock for you. Like others who responded I’ve lost one frozen embryo along the way but had another one to transfer and that was bad enough. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you that you get some answers that help and that you find a clinic for your self-funded cycle that you feel positive about. Xx

My clinic will bring one out the freezer 45mins b4 i get to hospital they then calll to half way thru to say it either met the thaw prosess or not ....if it not and u have more eggs they will bringanohet one and do the same process call 2 say either Yes or fine or no its not... when u get to clinic they then explain what stage it is at ready 2 go in and will also show a picture of a chart so u can undetstand more.

I know u r probably 2 upset at the moment but i would be asking for a 2nd appointment and for them to try and explain because to loose all is really unlikely. My friends friend is actually the lady who works with the eggs in my hospital so i will ask some questions next time i see her xx

This is really awful, it does seem so unlikely and I’ve not heard of it happening before. I’m so sorry for you. Good luck with finding a private clinic.

I’m so sorry to hear that this has happened to you. I don’t have any experience of thawing, I was lucky enough that mine all survived but I can pm you where we was treated in London x

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