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6 Frozen embryos to be destroyed as split relationship


So after conceiving first round of ivf it’s come to the 1 year anniversary for my frozen embryos. I am know longer with my partner and feel very sad that he wants to destroy the remaining 6 😮😐😭.. I feel that it’s not fair that if one don’t agree to keep they will be destroyed. I have no say or rights. I tried to get him to donate them to a couple who can’t conceive but he rather them be destroyed.. anyone else had this issue?! I also called the clinic to see if I can take them home to bury them in my garden as I thought it be nice to have a plant grow on top. I was told this is not a option 😭😭 I cant help look at my baby and think how can anyone want them destroyed. Without thinking of giving them a chance in life

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This is so sad, I don’t know what to say apart from that I’m sorry you’re going through this! x

Kyra-J in reply to Kitcat12

Thank you all the best with your journey 👶🏼❤️🌸🌸💖

Oh god this must be so hard for you 😞 I’m sorry I have no experience in this, but could you ask him if you could pay for storage for one more year, might give him time to think? Xx

Kyra-J in reply to Aleelilook

I don’t think he will change his mind so no point in wasting the money. Just gets me so angry as he is the reason why I couldn’t conceive. As he was cheating etc

Aleelilook in reply to Kyra-J

Oh my that’s just awful, so the clinic can’t do anything?

This sounds like an awful decision to make😔. I know that you both have to give permission to keep them but if there is any chance he could change his mind then could you pay for another year storage...but then again could you see yourself trying for another child that was biologically his, because if not then there is no point.

Such a heartbreaking decision. Sending hugs xx

I'm so sorry, that's such an awful thing to have to go through. Xx

Oh you poor thing. That's really sad news and what a tough time you must be going through. Thinking of you. x

This must be very distressing for you. I’m very sorry to hear what you’re going through. Thinking of you xx

This is really sad. It sounds so very unfair 🙁 xx

This is a horrendous situation to be in and so unfair xx

Omg Hun I’m so so sorry for u 😔 yeh maybe speak with him and say how u feel about it ...that they r both of u baby’s ...looking on your baby from that . Is so heart breaking 😔 xx

I feel for you. I’m dreading my 1 year storage letter, mainly because we have 3 in the freezer but couldn’t afford to use them (both cost of going private second time around and childcare costs) but I don’t like to think of them ‘dying’ 😢 We did sign for them to be used in research so perhaps they will do some good 🤷‍♀️ I think in your situation I’d feel even worse xxx

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