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What will happen?

Hi all,

We've been accepted for our first cycle of ivf. We've been trying 2 years! When we went to see the consultant we were told to go straight to ivf - no clomid etc.

So, my question is, when I phone up on the first day of my period, what happens then? What's the process? The nurse did explain it all, but I was so shocked about being told we were having ivf I didn't take it all in.

Thanks all.


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They will need to do preliminary blood tests & scans to decide what treatment is needed - hormone levels etc. I should think your treatment will start on your following cycle. If you're nhs be prepared that the clinic may not be able to fit you in that cycle so may have to wait. You'll have a pre op teaching appointment to go through injections & check you're ok for the egg extraction procedure. It's slow. Every blessing!



Thank you, that's really helpful.x


hiya, Im in a very similar situation. After 6 months of testing, I had my final consultation a few weeks ago with the head consultant confirming that I am perimenopausal and have severe ovarian decline (Im only 31!). Was told Im going to be fast tracked for IVF and Ive had my group info session and having my consent forms signed with the nurse tomorrow. I have no idea if im starting on my next period, wether its the long or slow protocol or anything. Feeling 100% clueless about it all tbh.


Right there with you. I'm reading a good book at the moment called 'the complete guide to ivf' by Kate Brian. Got it second hand from amazon. Worth a read. Good luck and positive thinking.x


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