Miracles can happen

Hi ladies, not been on here in what feels like forever. Just wanted to share my story for those of you struggling with treatments and scans and all the emotions that goes with the roll coaster that is struggling to conceive. My husband and I have been trying for 3 years to start a family, both young and healthy with no medical issues apart from PCO for myself.

In December we finally went through our first IVF cycle after several months using clomid to no avail. I was devastated when it failed. I assumed, naively, that IVF would work no problem and we would be well on our way to parenthood.

After the failed cycle I looked into things such as accupuntute and other such alternative medicines. I found an excellent accupuncturist and began attending fortnightly with my husband. At first, I didn't feel any different. It felt awkward and strange and to be honest not really relaxing. However, after the second session, I began to enjoy the treatment more.

I felt ready to undertake our frozen cycle and so had been taking my nasal spray for my down regulation ready to embark on the IVF journey in May. I attended my hospital appointment, having had a bleed in April and one in May after using my spray for a few weeks.

At the appointment, to my utter astonishment, we found out we were pregnant. On our own. No stimuli. That was back on May 17th. Having now had an early scan and a dating scan yesterday putting me at 13 weeks I wanted to share this experience with you all. Miracles can happen. Don't lose hope, take care and thoughts are with you all 💕💕💕💙💕💕💕

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  • Congratulations! X

  • Congratulations!! Makes me happy to hear some good news! X

  • Congratulation hope you have a happy and healthy pregnancy x

  • Congratulations! That's amazing news. Our bodies are amazing! The same thing happened us. We did it on our own- 6 weeks pregnant now! Wishing you the best for your pregnancy, birth and being a mum. Xx

  • Hi Cpea. Just to wish you well with your ongoing pregnancy and birth. Well done! Diane

  • Ahhhh thats amazing news Cpea! Really pleased for you! This is just the kind of story I needed to cheer me up, I remember chatting with you about the acupuncture a while back! All the best for the rest of your pregnancy!!x

  • Congrats, Cpea! This is truly magnificent! I consider our success to be a miracle too mostly because of previous years struggling without result. So there was a period when we almost lost our hope for the family expanding. We didn't conceive on our own actually. But long childfree years finally ended with a wonderful baby boy - and this was/is our miracle. We used donor eggs with ivf in Ukraine. It took us 3 shots before we saw those well deserved two pink lines.. We'd never have done it with OE. And you know how women could feel about using stranger's eggs for conceiving. This was another side of the story. Lots of inner struggling and self assuring everything would be safe and smooth.

    I guess all of us have their small or big miracles. We make decisions, do lots of things to achieve our aim and this is the main thing. Also it's very important not to loose hope and keep on moving whatever happens to us, whatever we face. For us 2 years TTC, 1 failed IUI cycle, 1 failed ICSI round, 2 lapos, 2nd - unsuccessful, 1 failed DE IVF, 1 DE ivf shot which ended with early miscarriage and the 3rd SUCCESSFUL ivf with DE which fulfilled our dream!!

    I wish all women struggling to achieve their success and be happy with their babies. May more miracles happen to this infertility world. Holly X

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