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5 stone to lose...help

I have been going to a consultant for 6 months and have been taking fertility treatments. I went in on friday to be told i am being discharged because my bmi is too high to get any further treatments from the NHS ...when i inquired about going private i was told that i am too over weight for them too. I was told i had to get my BMI down to 29 before they would even consider me...i am a short woman therefore i need to lose about 5 stone. It seems like a terrifying task but i have bought a treadmill, and have cleaned out my cupboards of all junk food. Now i just need to actually lose weight ...any tips?

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I find eating little and often always works. My sister in law is a slimming world consultant and I used to go with her and have seen people loose 3 or 4 stone in about 4/5 months. The plan is so easy but is expensive as you have to eat fresh everything and lots of fruit and veg. So much food on the plan has 0 sins that you will not feel hungry on it. Good luck


I had to loose around 4.5stone before treatment I did lighter life and lost it within 5mths to carry on my journey my bmi got to 28.5 and they let me have the treatment. Good luck xx


I cannot recommend slim and save enough! Yes it's hard the first few days whilst you try and get into the ketosis stage but the good thing with this diet is that you see results fast and it is great for these types of situations where you need to see the number on the scales go down....quickly!

My bmi is less than thirty but before my initial checkup I knew I wanted to be the lightest I could be. I was also going on holiday in 3 weeks time so I had at least two reasons to stick to the slim and save diet. Week 1 I was down 9 pounds, week 2 down 2 and week 3 down 2 pounds. I felt great and motivated because I could see the numbers on the scales go down and down. It was definitely the best diet I did for a quick fix, it has also helped me steer clear of certain foods nowadays, oh and their food and chocolate bars are delicious that I still buy them for a quick lunch or treat and the shakes have helped me in the mornings where I've felt a little sick from my injections and didn't know what I wanted to have for brekkie.

Good luck in your journey. Just keep in mind what the end result could be x


Thank you.


Hi bexi, hope you ok, i was in the same situation, i have endometriosis and trouble conceiving for a year, went to the ivf clinic and they just looked at me disgusted, said i had to get my bmi down under 30! I have so far lost 4 stone on slimming world but still need another half of a stone to get there, finding it hard now and the endometriosis has got worse, my advice is just do it, prove them wrong that you can do it, it will be worth it in the end, and keep your chin up!! Good luck!! X


I know how you feel I got help through the nhs.i spoke to a weight loss counselor every 2 weeks.she looked at my diet honestly and told me where I was going wrong and put me on the atkins diet. Worked for me and now after icsi treatment I'm 12 weeks pregnant. .....good luck and I hope it goes well for you xxx

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Congratulations and thank you. It means there is hope for all of us.


I am amazed at how many people have gone through this. It is crazy. Thank you all for your comments and advice. I have already started my journey and hopefully will begin to see some quick results.


I think losing weight is one of the hardest things to do but when you have a reason it is easier somehow!!!

I have had to lose over 7 stone and I have done this over time. I put on about 2 and half stone when I had an ectopic but I have worked to get that off. Good luck Bexi in your weight loss journey you can do it!!! And anyone else who is trying to lose weight WE CAN DO IT!


I have 5st to lose and have re-joined lighterlife. It's the quickest way to lose weight in my opinion and very very safe. There are two diets, the total programme and the lite programme. The total programme is purely meal replacement products, soups, bars, shakes and packet meals. The lite programme is 3 of the above products per day plus you cook yourself a healthy meal. You generally lose a stone a month, normally more in your first month.

It is standard practice to be a healthy BMI before allowing treatment and if you think about it, it makes sense. Our bodies have to be uber healthy to help the process. The doctors are trying to give us the best possible change of concieving. Good luck xx

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Jus thought I'd come and and you a little message.. I was in the same boat last year my BMI was 38 at our first appointment and they said it had to be 29 before they would even consider me. I had actually already lost weight before my appointment.

I left that appointment feeling really disapointed to know potentially I'm what's holding up our ivf process.and I'm still feeling like that. My BMI is now down to 32 and I have to say I've worked me a** off.. I swim every day and I also run several miles,plus I did the insanity work out. so far I've lost just over 4stone, I know I'm almost thre but this last couple of stone have been a small nightmare.

I can't even lie you have to work hard and there are days I really can't be bothered and ended up eating a bar of chocolate and then getting upset at myself..

My partner is a fitness instructor so you'd think it would have been easy.. But if anything it's made it harder I think.(he's a bit Sargent major-ish)

I started at almost 17 stone.. Dunno how I even got to that weight at 5'3 but I did!! Like you I started off on a treadmill. And I just walked as fast as I could at first every day with Sunday being my off day.. He aLao made me wear a sauna suit.. He swears by it helping you to loose weight,and makes clients wear them.. You loom like a complete nutter/astronaught..also made me wear a belly band during my exercise as again he said it helped sweat off fat. With just the walking and cutting out my love of anything naughty the weight literally began to drop off.. I then started swimming once a week but felt a uncomfy being In A swim suit

so stopped.. This year after dropping to a size 18 I and realising at 39this year time was running out I started swimming and doing circuits with my partner.then as I lost more I did the insanity workout. Right now I'm back to swimming and running daily as my knee was struggling. I'm not super keen on the treadmill but find if u use my ipad I either watch programs or put on some music and sing and run!!

My only tips are not to be to hard on yourself.. Sometimes you have hiccups and set backs, I've had plenty of hiccups involving chocolate.. But dont beat yourself up and start another day fresh..

Find someone of a group you can exercise with not just for company but also for support. My partner was great at first but now he's so busy I'm finding I have to motivate myself and sometimes it's really hard. Having others who help and motivate you really helps.

And lastly have faith in yourself. You can do it and you will do it, but just stick with it. I know my weighloss isn't as quick as everyone will like but it's at a pace I can just about cope with.

Also if you have an iphone or android there's loads of great apps out there to keep track of your weighloss, count your calories or even chart your exercise.. I use S health on my galaxy and also the nike app to track my daily runs.

I wish you the very best of luck, you will get there..


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