Need to lose weight to get treatment

I'm under gynea as have pcos n possibly endometriosis. They won't do a laparoscopy as I have other illnesses. But iv been told I ovulate n in the past she said my tubes are clear. So she thinks it's unexplained fertility. My partner has to have his sperm tested n iv been told to get my BMI to 30 n then I can have treatment. Iv got to lose 62lb :( iv lost 9lb in 2 weeks so 53lb to go, I'm doing meal replacement so hope to lose it quickly. Has anyone else had to lose weight to have treatment?

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  • Hi my BMI was way up over 36 I had to loose 5-6 stone I did it I did it myself ate healthy and goin to the gym love it plus u hav loads more energy gd luck if I can do it any one can well done so far xx

  • Hi Pinkprincess205. Well first of all well done with the weight loss so far! I’m afraid that gone are the days when it was not such an issue. Unfortunately, if you are attending an NHS clinic/hospital – for any illness or complaint – not just infertility issues, then they are bound by the “NICE Guidelines and CCG contracts” re patients’ BMI. The reason is just that it makes it easier for the doctor to carry out procedures, plus safer for yourself and baby during a pregnancy and delivery. It could even help to return your fertility – who knows? Often women who reduce their weight find that regular ovulation starts up again and they manage to get pregnant naturally. I am certain that you are doing everything that you can to lose weight, but whatever you are doing, whether at a slimming club or on your own, make sure that you are keeping a record of your losses, however small, so that you can prove you are trying. A practice nurse at your GP practice would weigh you and keep a record too, if you don’t want to join a slimming club. Swimming, if possible, is good too. If you can afford to attend one of these fitness centres, then speak to one of the advisors. He/she will be able to help you with your diet requirements and also the correct exercising that you require.

    Hopefully, when you get down to your correct BMI, you may get pregnant naturally as you come into the “unexplained” category. If you then still have problems, you will be able to get any treatment required under way. I hope the “above” is of some help to you and wish you every success with your eventual treatment, if needed. Diane

  • Hi firstly you are doing great in losing 9lb already well done :) the meal replacements help at first but the weight loss can slow down and sometimes doesn't stay off, you should possibly look at eating a balanced healthy diet and speak with a dietician who you could be referred to through your own GP in the long run it will benefit you more and have a healthy body ready for growing new life. I don't mean to preach in any way, I am speaking from experience as I tried everything. I had a bmi of 39.5 and had 70lb to lose (5st) I too have pcos, endometriosis as well as a hydrosalpinx on my right fallopian tube. Iv had 2 laparoscopys to remove quite large ovarian cysts that had grew to the size of large oranges in the past. My partner also has a low sperm count so we were referred for ivf. Our first fresh cycle using icsi was unsuccessful in may, currently we are in out 2ww again after a FET, test day will be this Tue.

    I wish you all the best with your weight loss, I know you will succeed, I know this because I had always tried to lose weight and gave in but when the outcome is the possibility of potentially having your own family it gives you a great goal to aim for. plus you never know, with the weight loss you may fall lucky naturally, my periods came back regular just unfortunately I didn't ovulate each month. I wish you all the luck in the world xxx :)

  • Thank you all.

    Iv already lost 3 1/2st on meal replacement about 3/4 yrs ago. N only put 10lb of it back on, so I know it works for me. I am quite a few meds for different illnesses so losing weight is hard, I also can't go to the gym due to mobility problems. Iv seen dieticians n been slimming clubs but nothing helps. It was my doctors idea to do this meal replacement diet as there was nothing else they could think of. I lost the first 3st last time in 3 months. I'm hoping by Xmas to be at goal or near enough. As one of you has said, now it's for a good reason I'm doing it 100%. I guess I'm lucky that I have a cycle every month n I ovulate. Maybe it's just a boost of ovulation I need. Who knows. But thank you for your replies.

    Mikayla good luck next week when your testing. Fingers crossed your get your bfp x

  • Wow you've done really well in the past also, if it's the best thing for you I'd definately do it, it seems you've a very good proven track record with it.

    I'm sure you will most certainly achieve your goal by Xmas as you sound very determined and it works out to be around 3lb per week which you are already surpassing.

    Thankyou and good luck to you on your journey xx

  • Had my IVF referral last week, worked out for 3 months, tried diet chef, protein meal replacement, juice diet and only lost 6lb. For me weight just clings to me. i knew I was close to my goal so i was hopeful when I went, first they had my height at 5.6 I'm 5.8.5 (you ladies will know this makes a huge difference to BMI!) Even so Dr said I was 31 (although to my calculation I was 30.5) he was so rude to me basically I was waisting his time and I'd lost no weight. He offered no help or advise just gave me another appointment in 2 months and said if I don't loose the weight by then he will discharge me! He was really rude about it and made me feel like crap! Left in tears and lost all motivation. I have PCO Endometriosis, had one tube removed and a large cyst on my ovary removed. Just wish i could have my family without dealing with these awful Dr's. Word of advice if you've not reached your goal weight by your appointment date, postpone the appointment. (I tried to postpone but my hospital phone system is rubbish and I couldn't get through for 4 days!) I wish you all luck and hope you have a nicer dr than mine :-) xxxxx

  • You should contact pals at the hospital n tell them how unhappy you was with the doc. They will sort it out for you n get you in to see another gynea. As you won't want to be seeing him again, even when you have lost that extra couple of pound x

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