Losing weight! BMI needs to be under 30!!

Hi there! This is my first post on here! While me & my partner wait for his results back I have been advised that I need to get my BMI below 30 before the next appointment so we are able to be put forward for NHS funded IVF. After already losing 3 stone, I still need to lose another 5lb & it doesn't seem to be moving! Has anyone had to go through a similar situation or have any advise? It will be much appreciated


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  • I lost nearly 7 stone so that we could go through ivf! I would recommend looking at the british heart foundation website, you can download a book called so you want to lose weight for good, it's quite easy to follow and that's how i lost the first 4 stone! Best of luck! X

  • Wow!!!!

    Well done :)

  • Hi firstly congratulations on loosing 3stone that is amazing! I also had to loose weight before IVF I did it through slimming world. I found it a really effective way of loosing weight because you don't feel like you are dieting. You should give it ago. You could easily achieve the small amount you need to loose in a couple of weeks! I lost 6lb in my first week! Good luck with your journey xx

  • Thank you for your comments! I actually starting my weight lost journey using the British Heart Foundation book it really helped & iv made some slimming world recipes but not followed it religiously. Just having a bad day today! I know it'll be all worth it in the end though! 😊

  • Hi hope85,

    When I was reading this I thought it was one of my old posts !

    This was what happens to me and they said they wouldn't ref us if bmi was over 30 so I basically was really really strict for about 3 weeks and it has stayed off too.

    ( feel so much better for it as well)

    Do you drink a lot of water I would definitely up your water intake - I was drinking about 4 litres a day .

    Good luck

  • I lost 6 stone going swimming 5 days a week and healthy food x x

  • I am in exactly the same position. I'very lost over 3 stone but still need to lose another 8 lbs before we'll be referred. So frustrating, only thing we can do is think of the end goal!! Good luck to you x

  • Hi there,

    I lost 4 stone and am about to start my third cycle but I am trying to lose a few pounds that I put on at Christmas but they are being really stubborn this time and won't budge! It's so hard!

    I was a couple pound over last time and they only just put me through so know they won't put me through again this time if I am over. It seems silly having lost all that weight that they bother about a couple pounds but they do!

  • Thank you ladies! I need to up my game! Weirdly enough since yesterday I have decided to drink more water to see if it makes any difference. I go to the gym 3/4 times a week already & have recently been walking to & from work. Think I might start eating of off a smaller plate too. Don't really want to do a shabby diet for a quick fix but I don't know!

    We will get there ladies! Xxx

  • Hi hun i also had 9 pounds left to loose after loosing 5 stone last yr..how i did it i took Garcinia Cambogia 3 times a day befor meals and just befor i slept ever nite i took 1 Aloe Vera colon clense and the weight was gone in just over a wk..i just ate loads of fruit and drunk loads of water but my asthma was bad at the time so no gym that wk yet weight still come off..hope this helps x

  • Hey, I can wholeheartedly recommend slimming world. I lost 4.5 stone in my first 7 months. I never went hungry or felt I was starving myself. I've put about a stone back on since then. Most unhelpful when I am now borderline bmi 30! I need to follow religiously for 2 weeks! Keep focussed. Baby or chocolate. Baby or booze. :) xx

  • Thank you emu2016 I'm going to have a look into slimming world & someone also told me about that James Duncan Diet. Good Luck for the next 2 weeks xxx

  • I used my fitness pal app and found it helped me manage my portion sizes, I was struggling to lose the last stone and I managed it that way. I also started running, I'm a big fan of Park Run because everyone can take part, it's a supportive atmosphere and it's free - parkrun.org.uk/. Good luck xxx

  • Thank you Daisy32! I used the fitness pal app too it really helped me. Just going to have a look at the park run. Xx

  • I lost 5 1/2 stone and had to lost 2 more stone and I hit a wall and then got told that there was no one to help me go away and lose it then my husband became more disabled and my best friend died and then slowly the weight came back on and now I have no hope of having ivf so don't give up and just keep going

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