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First failed ICSI in May. Did a month of monitoring afterwards, not expecting to change much on the protocol as everything been relatively ok. last month womb was around 6mm and dr attempted to do an endo scratch but my cervix wasnt letting her in. Dr wanted to monitor again this month only for my womb to be only 3mm thick! It has always been on the thinner side between 5-7 but never 3. I am ovulating fine every month but lining is thin. I asked if it was due to being on the pill for 10 years and she said no. looks like im going on oestrogen from day 2 of next cycle to see if this works if not then its oestrogen injections. She has no idea why womb is playing up but its worrying to see. Issue was with male side but now it appears I have an issue too. its very strange since this month I started taking well woman pre-conception. I stopped taking them after I saw dr as you never know it may be having an adverse reaction. just want to get on with the next cycle. anyone had 3mm thin before?

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  • Hi Crystal I am sorry to hear you are having problems with your womb lining, I remember talking to you a couple of months ago about this when you were having a FET but it was unfortunately cancelled due to your lining being too thin. I cant answer why you have this happening but I do hope you find reasons for this. Have you still got embryos frozen x

  • Hi Danielle yes it was cancelled in April. Then, I was monitored again and lining was fine so ICSI went ahead the next month. It failed in May then I was monitored afterwards so last month and now this month. I have 5 frozen embryos left. its awfully erratic but I'm having a furthet scan next week as the liming can grow but not holding my breath. Surely the thousands of.women who concieve cant all have perfect wombs?!! x

  • Hi. You could try having acupuncture and putting heat on your tummy to increase the blood flow there. Good luck x

  • Hey may I ask how you can find out about the thickness of womb lining? x

  • Hi Pumpkin I have officially booked my first acupuncture session this Friday evening. You never know, it may just help. I do not like the idea of just relying on drugs. I will keep yous updated. Hi Stacy - When you go for your internal vaginal scans they can tell you via ultrasound. Have you started this process yet?

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