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How late did you get your BFP?

I'd like to know how late a BFP could still possibly show up. My ob said that if I still don't get my mense 2weeks after I was due then I have to visit her clinic and have myself checked. The only weird thing this cycle is that I'm lacking PMS symptoms. I'm crossing my fingers because I really want to have a baby but I got a BFN today. I have a 28day cycle and am 2days late. I hope I'm pregnant now.

If I am, then this will be my first baby. :)

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Hi chipsnfries. If you are really unsure as to whether you are pregnant or not because you haven’t had a bleed, then you need to see your doctor to have a blood test done and perhaps a scan too, to confirm what is going on. Diane


I'm not sure if I bled or not because I didn't check the tissues I used and I've been using colorful undies as well. It's hard for me to tell even by trying to look at it even with glasses.

I'm eager to know but my doctor wouldn't let me do the test until I'm 2 weeks late -- that's still like after 10 days. She said it would be better if we'll wait for that day so that we can have everything in one go -- hcg count, ultrasound, prenatal, or she'll give me something to make me ovulate. :(

I'm pretty sure I ovulated this month because I used OPKs and when it turned positive, I also felt the ovulation pains. I guess, I have to endure until I can have extraction.

keeping my fingers crossed. :)


Hi. I can’t believe that you haven’t been checking for any signs of bleeding! You are just going to have be patient until the 2 weeks are up to find out for certain whether you are pregnant or not. Diane


We've been on ttc since 2011. I only asked help from my doctor last year because I wondered why I haven't gotten pregnant for a long time. I've tried tracking the symptoms but for bleeding, I've tried it several times and I always end up having my menses on the expected date. Now that I didn't check it, my mense is not showing up. I think its teasing me.


Whenever my menstruation is about to come, I always get dysmenorrhea. Today, I felt stabbing pains below my belly button, at noon, in the afternoon, at night -- they lasted for a few seconds and not even a minute.

But now, I have it again, it started 2 hours ago. It lasts for a few seconds but this 2 hrs is the longest interval of the stabbing pains so far.


Hi chipsnfries. I think that if you are not pregnant this time, then as you have been trying to get pregnant for 2 years with no luck, it's about time you asked your GP to refer you to an infertility specialist for investigations. Your GP could "get the ball rolling" by doing some blood hormone testing and getting your husband's/partner's semen analysed. Diane


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