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After ultrasound and vaginal ultrasound the nurse said I have fluid in the cavity of my womb! Is this normal

Whilst having my ultrasounds the nurse asked me twice when my last period was which ended over a week ago,then asked if I was still bleeding which I'm not. Just wondered if it was normal I did ask the nurse but she kind of avoided it and said she's not sure if it's related and it will be passed back to consultant, anybody heard or had this

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after doing a google ,it said on one site it was normal then the second site said this

Fluid accumulation within the uterine cavity during the IVF transfer treatment could be observed in patients with both tubal and non-tubal factors; however, it mainly occurred in women with tubal infertility. Although it is not a common complication of IVF cycles, excessive uterine fluid is detrimental to embryo implantation.

Had to google the word detrimental(blonde moment) means harmfull lol

Then follows on to say this

One of the explanations is that fluid of hydrosalpinges may reflux into the uterine cavity and accumulate there, which may disturb embryo implantation

So just wondered if anybody else has been told this or if it's nothing


Hi Milly271286 As you you know I have a hydrosalpinx left remaining tube but I have not been told as yet I have any fluid present in my cavity so I don't really know what to say, except it may be coming from your hydrosalpinx tubes and you probably did not even know about this, im sure once the tubes are removed, then surely the hydrosalpinx fluid wont be there any more. x


Hi whilst having my last vaginal scan i was toldi had fluid on the left side.. but she said there was nothing for me to worry about it was just the ovaries working hard


Oh good just didn't know about this so was bit baffled and These things just get you thinking don't they,worry I sound like a hypochondriac lol, glad I joined here to talk to people with same and similar problems ,so good to talk about it xx


Anytime Milly271286, its good to talk. xx


Thank you some1sweeta :) x


No worries.. i would double check with your nurse next time you see her to put your mind at rest..and always ask questions if your not sure they dont mind x


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