Pessaries or injections? Help!

So I had my review today after I had EC 2 weeks ago and I'm having a FET in January I was asked if I wanted Progesterone in the form of pessaries or the injections (these are the ones injected into the top of the bum) I have had one of the injections before and I was painful i still have a bruse and the area was tender for ages I'm really not sure which to choose

The nurse did say that it didn't make a difference to the success rate which ever I choose.

Does anyone have any reccomendations or advice?

Thanks xx

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  • Hi there, Would say Pessaries as easy to do and once you get hang very quick to do, I use 4 a day. It makes a change from Injecting too....Good Luck xxxx

  • Thank you do they hurt at all I'm really undecided as I don't want to be in pain again and the injections see to leave you with lumps and bruises lol xx

  • No Pessaries can go up front or back....I go back as less messy and never have hurt, they like wax, so much less intrusive I would say than injecting which I have done tons of...Good Luck xxx

  • I've heard these injections can be pretty harsh and I've always used the pessaries.

    I guess the question should be, how long would your clinic recommend the injections for with a positive?

    Single positive at my clinic is 12 weeks and 26 weeks I think for twins...

  • I'm 19 weeks pregnant after a FET, I had to take 3 pessaries a day up till week 12 and then wean off. Yes it is a bit annoying and messy sometimes and you get through thousands of panty liners!! But I'd rather do that than IM injections every day! They hurt, you get bruised, its more time consuming... Pessaries are just an inconvenience in comparison.

  • I used injections last time and my poor bum is still tender as if bruised under the skin and I haven't done the injections for months. I'm doing pessaries this time. I think one less needle can only help to be honest and they work the same. I just found the injections took me a while in the morning and stressed me out. Pessaries are easier that's all really. Good luck! Xx

  • It's really interesting that you are being given the choice. I had a fresh cycle with pessaries which failed and for my FET I was told the injections were a better option so we just went with that.

    The injections were not pleasant at all. They were not as painful as I imagined they would be (you have to make sure you inject quite high) but after weeks of injecting in the same place I did get painful lumps. However we got our positive and I'm now 30 weeks pregnant. Not sure if it's because of the injections but maybe they did help in my situation. Good luck with whatever you decide xx

  • Hi ya! I ve never had FET but with my 2 fresh cycles i was using Crinone and started to bleed both times half way 2 ww.

    So when we started 3 fresh cycle i was researching a lot and basically asked for injections...

    To my surprise doctors were very reluctant for me to do them but i wouldn't have it any other way.

    So for my third cycle i had pessaries 400 twice a day +100 Gestone injections once a day.

    I ve been advised to stop it at 10 weeks.

    I dont think its metter if you are pregnant with singleton,twins ormore.

    Its not longer 10-12 weeks and then placenta takes over.

    In my case ( im pregnant with Quadruplets) i started to develop really bad itch and stopped around 9/10 weeks as i had 2 placentas working to produce hormone + all the drugs...

    Good luck with whatever you decide!

    P.S. I was injecting myself and if you doing it very slowly( i mean super slowly) and high enough it wasnt that bad at all.

  • I hate being given choices in these things... you sort of wish they would just tell you what to do! Well I do at least.

    My little boy is now 14 weeks old from our IVF and we used the injections because we had to and weren't given a choice. This was to do with us using a different trigger drug apparently. They were uncomfortable and as I couldn't do it myself it was stressful trying to make sure my husband was home from work in time to do the injection everyday.

    However, I was happy to go through all of that if it gave me our little miracle and it did for us. If the clinic have said there is no difference for you, just go with your gut (if you can.... I don't trust my gut with all this stuff, it's too emotional!!).

    I wish you all the luck in the world xx

  • i know what you mean i have a feeling the injections will be better but i just dont want the pain lol but if i dont do the injections and it fails i think i will blame myself for not having them lol. how did you find the injections were they bareable? xxx

  • Oh that's what I hate about all this. We all find reasons to blame ourselves and yet we put ourselves through so much.

    I got used to the injections to be honest. I used to rub rub rub the area afterwards and not sit down for a bit and that seemed to really help. I even got hubby to rub the area for me sometimes. Honestly I am someone who can't live with the blaming myself so I preferred being on the injections just in case there was any difference but I know that's ridiculous and the pessaries are just as effective!

  • im feeling the same i would rather live with the pain and have a better chance than to regret my decision. i had one of the injections straight after EC i had a bruise and it hurt a bit i heated up the vial before i injected and iced the area too lol xxx

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