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Help- could someone confirm the storing of the Gonal-f injection!

Hi. I've had I'm injection orientation and was given the Gonal-f injections in two boxes and the orgalutran injections too. WHEN do the Gonal-f inhections go in the fridge? Once you unwrap the injection pen? Or do you put the boxes in the fridge until immediately? It says the medicine may be stored at or below 25 degrees for up to 3 months without being refrigerated?! Someone please help as had inhections boxes since thur and have just kept at room temp but woke up in a panic this morning.

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Keep the boxes and pen in the fridge as soon as you get them home if poss. Only take them out when using them.

Hope that helps x


Thank you! I've put them in now- got them thur. Will this be a problem? Should I be purchasing new ones? How ridiculous! My mind is all over the place- I really need to focus more on the important things!!!


You should be ok as long as they havent been too warm. When do you start them? Good luck with your cycle x


Thanks sambox! Hopefully start next week if my period starts on time but that's always a little late!


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