Day 1 of Gonal-f is here, any tips

Well my week has had a few ups and downs! I was due to pick up all my medication yesterday with a view to down regging starting today. Mother Nature decided that she wasn't keen on that and AF arrived 10 days early! After the tears and snotters convincing myself that I would have to wait till next month, the clinic have told me that I am just going to starr stimming today!!! I had Prostap injection on Thursday & will now start my 300 dose of Gonal-f tonight. DH has been told that he needs to do tonight's injection as it is slightly freaking me out!!! I'm sure I'll be fine once the first one is out the way! Any tips on injecting? I have been told to inject into my thigh which seems to go against all advice on this forum!!

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  • I was told that you could do either thigh or tummy but tummy was easier. I was so scared of the injections when I knew I had to do them myself but it's honestly nothing to worry about. I think you build it up in your head to be something scary and painful but once you get the hang of it it's really not that bad. My OH was there with me for every injection he never missed a single one and it was good having that support there. By the end of it all you'll be a pro at giving injections and there really is nothing to worry about, I think it's the unknown that's scary but once the first one is out the way you will be fine :) good luck, I'm glad you got start even though AF decided to show up x

  • Thank you - so glad the first one is now out of the way - built myself up to be much worse than it was. Much calmer now, can't believe that we have now finally started!! Good luck to you too x

  • Congrats for starting and even skipping part of the journey! Less injections can only be a good thing?!

    I'm on round two, now having had five different drugs injected and Gonal F is my "favourite": thinnest, pointiest needles going in the easiest, no pain, rash or side effects. I was injecting in my tummy. Whilst you're tempted to insert carefully, it's actually less painful and stressful if you insert it in one swift, firm motion. Press the plunger slowly and leave it a few seconds longer after you've completely pressed the plunger before pulling the needle out.

    You'll be fine! Good luck with it!

  • Thanks for the advice. Got my DH to do it tonight & it was really painless. Stress levels went up right before it though but glad it's done now!! Good luck with your journey! X

  • We're almost cycle buddies: I'm on day three of stimulation today! Fingers crossed for a good round

  • Thank you - good luck to you too!! Xx

  • I've been told to inject Gonal F into my thigh too. No tips I'm afraid as I don't start until Monday but just wanted to let you know that you're not alone with the thigh instruction, and to wish you the very best of luck. Hope last night's injection went ok. X

  • Thanks for the support, first injection was really painless. Got my husband to do it tonight for me as my stress levels went through the roof!!! Was really painless, hardly felt a thing - I was expecting it to feel like getting blood taken but it was absolutely nothing like it! Feel fairly confident that I can continue them myself going forward! Good luck to you too xx

  • Thank you! So glad to hear it went ok and wasn't painful, long may that last for you! Hoping mine is painless later too!

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