Just done my first buserelin injection... here we go!

So hard to explain to anyone how stressful it is, and its not stress about the needle and the pain (which is minimal) so much as the stress of the whole thing: what you are doing to your body, why, and the fact that you are sat at home jabbing drugs into your leg. I couldn't stop shaking and wanting to cry throughout the whole thing and my leg was desperate to spasm. I am very thankful for my super calm and reassuring husband! I am sure each day it will get easier, and I do not have to inject myself until next Monday when I am away with work.. hubby will do it until then.

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  • Hi ive just finished my burselin injections and im now on the stimulation injection.. i was worried about injecting myself as im petrified of needles.. but to my surprise its not that scary or painfull.. how come you have to inject your leg? I have to inject my tummy.. you just have to keep thinking of what the end result may be.. be positive and occupie your self with other things..its good you have the support from your husband..good luck and dont stress :-)

  • Hi - the hospital are adamant that I must inject in the leg as otherwise my tummy could get really sore which makes egg collection more tough. I wasn't too happy about this as I actually have a large numb patch on my belly since my last surgery.. I thought that was going to be my silver lining as I wouldn't feel the needles!

  • Hi, don't stress you'll soon be a pro with the injections iv just finished my buserelin and am now on the stems. You'll be amazed at how fast the time goes and the reason for all this will hopefully soon be here. Stay positive and good luck x

  • Thanks, I am a little nervous about the stims as it is so much more liquid that has to go in, but I am already finding the injecting much easier so I am sure it will be fine. Both yesterday and today I felt really groggy about 4 hours after the buserelin injection, did this happen with you?

  • Oh right well that makes sense to have them in your legs..you will get used to it.. the stim injections are 1ml and the burslin was 0.5ml so its not much more liquid.. x

  • How are you getting on? :-)

  • Burs is 0.3ml for me and stims will be 1ml, so quite an increase! Getting on ok for the moment, pretty used to the injections now.. Feeling very tired and occasionally emotional but overall on top of it all!

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