Here we go again

After a failed cycle last October. (Didn't even get to egg collection )the time has come to begin my 3rd cycle. Just come back from my scan and I start 300iu menopur this evening. I'm trying to be positive but it's so difficult as last time was such a nightmare due to cysts, no follicles which was a shock as I have a very high Amh . I've started acupuncture this time round so hopefully this helps . I'm an egg sharer so I need to have at least 10-12 follicles so this only adds to the stress of it all. Hopefully this will be 3rd time lucky for me . If not I will be waiting at least a year to try again, Just to get my sanity back and enjoy life a little.I was taking noresthisterone for 22 days and I was a complete psycho, how my partner put up with me I do not know lol. Hope everything is going well with you ladies and good luck xxx

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  • Do stay positive :-) I had a dreadful IUI cycle where my ovaries just seemed to shut down and didn't respond well at all. I was on the drugs for 55 days to get a single mature follicle! I also have a good amh level. I was dreading my IVF cycle being the same but it all went very differently and I seemed to respond very well. The only difference being the dose of Menopur was higher. I got 7 eggs at collection. The clinic staff said you can respond very differently from one cycle to the next.

    Good luck. My fingers are crossed for you xx

  • Thanks Hun. Have a scan in four days and hopefully it goes well this time xxx

  • Hi Leanneb85. Just wanted to wish you well this time round, and hope all goes well with the scan. Diane

  • Thanks Diane I'll keep you posted x

  • Please do. Diane

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