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Long protocol - here we go!

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Good morning ladies

After several unsuccessful attempts to start the short protocol, we started the long protocol yesterday. I’m very nervous as not sure what to expect, I hear it’s harder emotionally than the short. Any insight or advise you’d like to share with me?

This year has been one hell of a journey and I feel no stronger than I did when we had our first appointment back in Jan. We took each step at a time but there is so much unknown and I struggle with this. I feel it’s been a year of grieving. My geriatric ovaries are not up to the task but we are giving it everything before moving onto donor eggs. Trying my best to be positive but some days it is so heart breakingly difficult, with every low day there is a day of calm and clarity where I feel so lucky to have the options I do. I am so grateful.

I wish each and everyone of you the very best as we start a new year. I hope it brings the news you are desperately waiting to hear. Big hugs to you all on this journey and a very merry Christmas. I’ll be wishinb baby dust your way in 2019. Xx

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You can do it. Long protocol is hard because it is quite long so you have to keep strong for longer and it’s tiring but it’s worth it as a change in protocol can make ALL the difference. Good luck xx

Thanks for your message. Fingers crossed.

Hi, I’m sorry to hear you are struggling with the process. It certainly is harder emotionally than I ever imagined. We did long protocol, I know a lot of people struggle with the down regulation but I didn’t mind that bit at all. It was 28 days for me from starting the down reg until my trigger. I Found it all went quite quickly so it will be over before you know it. I hope it all goes smoothly for you and this is your time xx

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I’m sure it will fly by! Thanks for your response. Hope you have a good Christmas Xx


Just to add - I did the long protocol too. 28 days of down reg and 16 days of stimming. I found the fact that it was long easier to deal with emotionally - I knew I needed it so told myself this was the best plan for me. It doesn’t seem real until you start going for your stim scans and then before you know it, it’s the 2ww...

Good luck with it!

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Awh thanks hun. Wishing you all the best in your 2ww. Have a merry Christmas! Xx

Just seen this message and you’ve just written such an incredibly positive message to me so wanted to reply. When we start IVF I will be on the long protocol too. Every clinic is different but they didn’t even give me the option of the short. For my age (40) and my circumstances, they said it was the best possible option for us and would have a better outcome. Obviously they take everyone’s different circumstances into consideration and choose what’s best for the individual couple but just reassuring you that this could be the best thing for you. A change of protocol could be just what you need? Wishing you all the very best for 2019 :-). Keep us posted xx

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Best of luck to you! When do you start. I’ve just done my 7th buserlin injection this morning and waiting for my period to arrive. I’ve my baseline scan on the 7th so will let you know how I get on. Big hugs to you my dear and hoping 2019 brings you the best news. Stay positive!

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