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high FSH and zero sperm count

hi this is the first time I have logged onto any of these sites.

I have found out that I have a high FSH which apparently indicates a low ovarian reserve... they are going to do a AMH test which is apparently more specific about ovulation. if that isn't bad enough, we have found out that DH has zero sperm count.... words shocked/cant believe it/devastated hardly come close. Tests are being repeated then we go to the consultant following this. Has any one had any experience to share please?

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Hi nellynel I'm sorry to hear of this I too have high fsh 40 and have very low amh 1.9. It's such a horrible situation to be in. I was given a chance for ivf and hopefully there will be a chance for ur self too. Take care xxxx


hi thank you for replying. My FSH was 17 but the nurse we saw didn't give out too much hope. I think the issue will be trebbled by the news of a zero count. not sure If there is any solution to that one never mind the 2 combined.. did you go for IVF?


The thing to remember is that ur fsh fluctuates every month the fact that it's over 10 means u'll be classed as high however all that means is that the amount of ur follicles are a bit less than someone with a normal fsh but there will still be some there. Yeh the news of the zero count must be hard for u, hopefully there will be a solution. One thing I have learnt is push for tests, options and answers... I eventually had to go private as I was told I didn't have much time left due to my ovarian reserve and I must say if u have the ability to go private I would recommend it, less waiting times and a faster service especially if times against u like me, u'll always have the nhs to fall back on x


its all quite New at the moment.so far we have only seen a nurse at the fertility clinic who wasn't very helpful.we are having all the tests repeated but,its very unlikely anything will have changed.we don't get to see the consultant until I have the amh,done.we only found this out this week so my emotions are all over.I just can't believe its happening and with a double yammy! thanks for responding


Just hang in there, take care x


just read your post...........yes, I can definatly relate!

my results were lh 13.8, fsh 21.4, amh 2.5

Im being treated at Shrewsbury clinic and luckily the specialist has allowed me to be put through 1 round of ivf and I am being fast tracked as he has told me I am going through very early menopause and have severe ovarian decline. I know a lot of clinics have cut of points to what they will allow for ivf, mine was definatly a borderline case but I had a lot of merits to offset the crappy blood test results, like im in early 30's, partners 2 samples came back very good and my lining is 10mm thick.......plus a few other points I reckon.

I think this is my only shot at ever starting a family as all the professionals have confirmed we will never naturally conceive, and once the egg decline starts......it rapidly declines in a very short space of time.

I really hope things work out and your IVF proves a success

Keep in touch xx


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