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Low AMH and low sperm count


We were told that we needed to go for IVF as my husband has a low sperm count. Then we were told we were not eligible for NHS funded ivf due to my low AMH. The whole process has been emotional and difficult to digest. I’m now looking to see if anyone is going through IVF or any tips from someone who has gone through the process. We have had our first consultation. We are going to do our screening tests and then go for treatment but the whole process seems quite daunting.

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Hi there, I am just starting my IVF journey but have done various things through my infertility journey so far, all the tests, IUI etc. well done on taking the first steps. It really is overwhelming my advice would be to not over google, find a specialist you get on with and feel

Comfortable with. Ask every question you need there’s never to many and don’t be afraid, and use this lovely community it’s a god send. And most of all, don’t panic once you get your head round it it’s ok but at first it feels hard to take it all in. Xxx

Manu16 in reply to amandac84

Thank you for your kind words. I think that’s the mistake I’ve made, googling every single thing I can think of. My husband hates it when I’m on my phone! This community is amazing - it is really good to be able to find others in the same boat and who understand how you feel. I will do my best to follow your advice. Good luck in your journey xx

Hi, I am shocked you would be refused NHS funding due to low AMH. When I had all my initial tests I never even got an AMH test as they said my FSH level was fine so no need. I have never read anything or been advised no NHS if low AMH. Worth a second opinion maybe ? So sorry as it’s stressful enough without hearing that ....

Manu16 in reply to Hope76

I was taken back too. It seems different CCGs have different criteria’s despite the NICE guidelines so sometimes it can all be about where you live which seems so unfair. I didn’t even have all my tests done such as thyroid or FSH levels. Didn’t qualify so discharged. I was really upset but now come to accept it.

Hope76 in reply to Manu16

That does seem very unfair, it is very important to have thyroid and FSH levels checked before every cycle at least that is what I have always had done as essential tests at my clinic.

It is surprising how they would refuse because of low AMH. They keep on changing their terms and conditions. However, my advice to you would be to stay positive. Dont lose hope. I am sure things will turn out to be in your favor. Other than this make sure to visit a clinic that has a high success rate. Someone with experience is really important to visit.


I have low amh and my husband is infertile but lucky they froze some years ago due to medical reason although they are not the best quality and not loads. We have recently gone through our second round of ivf and I’m currently 14 weeks pregnant so there is definitely hope.

My consultant wanted me to take supplements such as dhea, co-q10, omega 3 she recommended the Mediterranean diet ! This was more to improve the quality of what eggs we would get than worrying about the amount!

Wish you loads of luck xXx

Manu16 in reply to Hopefulholly

Thank you. I will make sure I take those supplements too. Congratulations and thank you for giving me hope xx

I am currently 13 weeks pregnant and i had low amh and endometriosis and my partner had poor sperm motility and morphology i took a high dose omega 3 supplement to help with egg quality my partner did take supplements but wasn't consistent and we had to have icsi done in the end but i do think certain supplements can help with sperm and egg quality and quantity, as my eggs weren't the best and we didn't have loads and the embryos didn't get to the best stage they said to have 2 transferred which we did of the same quality we were expecting twins but lost one 3 weeks ago, i didn't have the best hope when i started my ivf but it did work so keep positive it is possible its just a bit of a rollercoaster of emotions to go through which i found harder than the physical side but it was worth it 🙂

Manu16 in reply to Lyn84

Congratulations. It sounds like you have been through a tough time. Thank you for giving me hope xx

My husband and I were also denied NHS funded ivf even though everything else with us was perfectly normal. My first AMH blood test came back at 3.2 and my consultant retested because everything else was normal and she had seen other patients who had needed to be retested and were perfectly within the normal ranges. She said she would get into trouble for retesting but did it any way. Unfortunately it came back at 2.3 (in the space of 6 weeks) and it needed to be 5.4 and above. We were devastated and just sent on our way with no support or guidance. We managed to scrape together the money to do a private cycle of ivf which went pretty well in terms of eggs retrieved and their quality (a top grade blastocyst) but it was a BFN. After this cycle I paid the private clinic to test my AMH, this one came back at 7.5. Which was great news but still on the low side for my age. I went back to my gp requested a referral (again) got in with the same nhs gynaecologist who couldn't believe it, but said she had to do another blood test as the nhs could not accept my private one (luckily she didn't make us go through any of the other tests again as that would have take ages) and that result came back at 6.2. I then qualified for 2 nhs funded cycles. I did nothing differently and didn't take any special supplements (I had been on pregnacare for years). As a personal opinion, I'm not sure the AMH blood test is very reliable given my personal experiences with it. Has yours been retested at all? 3 of my blood tests were tested by the same NHS lab and the only explanation I've been given as to the differing and decreasing and increasing levels was that it's to do with the lab conditions, which doesn't really fill me with confidence in terms of blood tests now and the ways these are conducted especially as NICE guidance states that AMH should not change on a month to month basis and should not increase. Just thought this is something to be aware of if you've not been retested. Good luck with your journey and feel free to read my previous posts xx

Manu16 in reply to AnnieAnnie

I will speak to my doctor to see if I can be re-tested. They did say my result was unusual for my age. I’m 33 and mine came back as 2.2. It’s terrible that they don’t provide any support or guidance. I’ve complained about that as it’s such big news to break and it feels you are just being processed. I wish you all the luck in your journey and I will read your previous posts. Thank you!

AnnieAnnie in reply to Manu16

It may or may not yield anything being retested but on this journey all you have is hope. Even after having my hopes dashed time and time again, that's all I have. I would have been the same age as you the first time I had mine tested (by which point I had been ttc for over 4 years). It is, I was told in the one appt, your AMH is 2.3, you don't qualify for NHS funding and by the way it will be pretty impossible for you to conceive naturally. As I feel sorry for you here are a load of print outs of ivf clinics with good success rates and a tissue and out the door. I left the clinic with my husband sobbing and had to walk through the same dept as woman walking in to have pregnancy scans because the fertility clinic was accessed via the same corridor which branched off left to fertility clinic and right for pregnancy scans. Good on you for complaining it's important that they understand the impact that finding these things out can have on people. Hope all goes well with trying to get a repeat test xx

Hello. I’m pretty similar to you. OH has very low sperm count and high antibody concentration so we went down the ivf road. I then found out that I had low AMH 2.3 high FSH 14.5 and only 3 follicles left. Our first consultant made us feel hopeless, the second one left us feeling deflated but slightly more positive. It was not until we went to a third consultant who was amazing and made us feel so positive. To cut a long story short we are now 13 weeks pregnant from our first round of ivf. We went private as we wouldn’t have been accepted on the NHS in our area. It was obviously worth every penny. I too felt extremely daunted and spent weeks in tears over the whole situation. Stay strong and find a consultant who specialises in ladies with low AMH. I was on 150 bemfola and only had 2 eggs collected but it worked. Best of luck xx

Congratulations. It’s really good to hear positive outcomes and hope. I feel much better now knowing we do have a chance and that it can happen for us too xx

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