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Hi everyone, I'm in West Sussex and have been ttc for over 2.5 years. It's known I have ovulation problems, no progesterone on d21 tests, lap found endo and was ablated.

I was told that I would be refused access to the local enhanced service and would have to go private because OH has children from a previous marriage. Has anyone written to CCG (new PCT) to request for even just an appointment to get clomid. I get that IVF is expensive but I really resent being refused a 26p/tablet drug because the NHS apparently can't afford it while other people can get boob jobs and gastric bands.

Has anyone appealed just to get clomid??

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  • Hi. Can’t promise, but everything’s worth a try! If you have a look at our website infertilitynetworkuk.com and go to the “NHS Funding” page, you will be able to scroll right down towards the bottom and access some template letters. One is an appeal letter to your CCG to fill in and send off. Providing that your Fallopian tubes are OK then it’s not an unreasonable request to be referred for possible Clomid treatment. I wish you both well and although just a very slim chance, I hope they listen to you. Kind regards Diane.

  • Its definitely worth contacting your CCG because a lot of areas fund initial treatments like clomid or timed iui regardless of children: it's often just the ivf they don't fund. Also with all the changes a lot of GPs arent very up to date. However, I have heard some areas around the west midlands are stopping fertility funding altogether.

    Good luck x

  • we have decided to go straight to private :( i don't want to pay but oh has had enough of me bursting into tears daily. time to wave goodbye to my savings

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