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fed up, doom and gloom alert!

hello ladies

When we had our scan last month at the clinic in prep for egg donation, the consultant said you should BD this coming thurs/fri/sat. So we did. I know we have about 1% chance of a natural pregnancy, but I seriously got my hopes up. I thought I had bloating and cramping signalling ovulation, felt weird, smells strong etc etc, spotting signalling implantation. AF seemed a little late, now its sort of here but a bit weird and light. I've done tests all BFN, so I know I'm not. Feeling really low, was that our only chance, is this the menopause kicking in?

Also we went with my sister to the clinic on Tues for her scan and blood tests, it seems she has scarring from her caesarian and they couldn't see her left ovary. We are waiting for her AMH levels to come back, if too low she is not a viable donor. What do we do then? It feels right to use her eggs, it's a whole other situation to get our head around if not. Then we are going to have to go abroad, and we are about a 1k out of pocket. (it goes with out saying that I want the best for my sister, and would never want her to do anything to put her health at risk, that's why we are looking at mild IVF)

I feel like it's not going to work, we just meet obstacles at every hurdle, we have once chance at IVF, so much pressure, so unfair, so hard to see all my family and friends so 'happy' with their families.

Pity party for one going on right here


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Hi Pollypopps

Ah, the unfriendly hand of despair, it tickles at first but when it gets a good grip it can squeeze the life clean out of you...

It's a difficult situation. I remember back before all this IVF nonsense began at what I thought would be my limit and am amazed at how far behind that point now is. Throughout this whole process I have feared I could not cope with whatever new harsh reality they present to me, but somehow I do. And you will too, you're a fighter.

But it can be made so much worse by jumping to conclusions. It's only natural you fear this will go wrong but give yourself a break, it might be fine. Worrying will not make a difference - except to raise your blood pressure.

I hope you have the results you wanted but if not I'm sure you will find another way. Don't forget who you are - You are the worlds greatest creation, more than the sum of your parts and a force to be reckoned with.

So you go girl, show this world something beautiful and new x




Hi. I thoroughly agree with "PokedandProdded". Well put and my love and encouragement goes with you "Pollypopps". Kind regards Diane


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