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Sad times (again) :-(

So today was the scan and further blood test to see what was going on after our faint line positive last week.

The scan was inconclusive, so they were still concerned this morning about a possible ectopic.

The blood test levels have decreased to 5.8 which means it looks like it was a chemical pregnancy and the bleeding has now kicked in.

Our next IVF will have to be privately funded, so we are discussing being referred to a recurrent miscarriage clinic, as we believe we are on the third chemical pregnancy/miscarriage and one missed miscarriage.

We also want to have additional tests for things like Hughes syndrome, uterine killer cells etc etc...any suggestions on what to have done/places to go (PM please if providing names :-) )

Thanks X

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Sorry to hear you're going through this. Definitely get referred for recurrent miscarriages and make sure you don't get discharged from them without seeing the consultant (I saw the registrar first and was virtually useless compared with when I got to see the consultant). She referred me to university of Warwick hospital where there is specialist research going on into miscarriages which the consultant will know about and know the doctors involved - they carry out nk cell testing. If you have had several miscarriages it's definitely worth going. The test itself is privately funded and is about £300 which goes into the research fund.



Thanks for that. It's annoying that you don't get the same level of care from the whole team at the same place. Glad they referred you though to help in the research and hopefully get some needed answers to questions!

Good luck x


There are no words for your sad loss that can make it feel any better. I'm so so sorry to hear your news my heart breaks for you. You poor poor thing. I would definitely have every test done before deciding to go ahead again with IVF. If for nothing else other than to go in knowing you've given it your best.I think that peace of mind is what you need. Worse case scenerio they find something wrong , I'm sure they can fix it. It's amazing what the medical profession can do these days 😊 I'm sure ladies in this site can provide with all the info on these tests. Right now take it a day at a time. Let yourselves grieve this loss and be kind to yourselves. Maybe look into some counselling for you both to help you with this loss. I'm sure your clinic or GP can refer you. My thoughts are with you x x x


Thank you as always.

Hope you are keeping well?



I'm good thank you.

Saw my GP 2 weeks ago and he has been a great source of support over my "issues"Apparently there was an error at the hospital GP found out 😡

He has prescribed me transexamic acid to take for 3 months in between my periods to stop this cramping&bleeding I get between my cycles, with he thinks is caused by a hormonal imbalance in my uterus.

He's advised me against trying whilst sorting this out . I will be seeing him again in January unless the issues still continue. Fingers crossed🙏 Such a journey isn't it.

Good luck with all the tests . I really hope that you can get some answers and it brings peace to you. I hope something good can come out of bad🍀🙏So unfair you've had to go through this again x x x


Hey babes you should defo get the test done for killer cells . I'm not sure if the clinics by you offer bloods or a biopsy. I had the biopsy which was taken from the uterine lining it's a supposed to be more accurate x good luck


I don't think the clinic I go to at the mo offers it, but I'm googling local/recommended people to try and see. How much did you have to pay? Was it painful? Like the scratch?

Hope you are keeping nice and well?



I shall inbox you now x


Really sorry you have had to go through this again. I hope you get some answers on what is causing these problems xx


Thank you x


I'm so sorry you're going through this. It sounds like the right thing to think things through before you start again. Take care, thinking of you xx


Thank you vey much x


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