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Never give up hope!!

Hi to all you lovely ladies!!

Iv been a member on here for the last 2 & half yrs and read so many posts I thought I'd share my own story, as this group is there to give support and encouragement to you all. I'm 42yrs old and have 3 grown up children. My fiance is younger and doesn't have any children. We have been trying to conceive for the last 4 years.after 18 months we went to the docs and was referred to an ivf consultant.Had usual tests done, scan, laparoscopy etc.. fiance had good sperm count.

Results showed I had a low fsh count and 1 follicle on 1 ovary. No chance of ivf working and next step would be egg donation or adoption. Didn't want to do either and resigned to the fact that I wouldn't be able to have anymore children and my fiance would never have 1 of his own. I then started the process of planning our wedding to Greece in September. And dieting to get into my dress!

After going for a routine cervical smear test last week the nurse asked the usual questions. How are your periods? Are they regular? I said well I haven't had 1 since September but I think I'm going through the menopause as I'm having hot flushes. She then asked if I'd done a pregnancy test and I said no, there's no chance of that ever happening but let's do 1 anyway.

To my disbelief a faint blue line appeared!! I asked her to do another test and then asked another nurse to look at the blue lines that appeared to check we was seeing this correctly!!

So yes iv had the test confirmed from the hospital and we are still in shock and disbelief and I can't believe that yesterday I spoke to the midwife to book an appointment!!!

All I want to say is I never give up hope, stay relaxed and miracles can happen!!! Good luck to you all xxxx

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Wow, congratulations!! They do say diet has a huge impact and maybe this helped you here! Amazing news when you think that the odds were so stacked against you. How far along are you now?


Hi and thanks!! iv no idea until I go for a scan on Tuesday! I have worked out that my last period was 19th sept which would make me 17 weeks!! But I'm not showing and I did early on with my previous pregnancy's so It's anybody guess atm. Yes diet does have an impact and the fact that I stopped being so obsessive about conceiving might have helped. Really am still trying to get my head around it as I never thought this day would happen!


It will be lovely to see the scan next week if you're that far gone. They'll be well developed and moving around at this stage! I'm 15 weeks with help of IVF and had a scan last week, I was amazed at the movement of my babies (twins). I've been expanding like crazy though - am in maternity wear already! It's mad that you didn't suspect anything - were you tired or sick or anything?


Oh thats wonderful news!! congratulations to you!!! Are they identical? My niece has identical twin boys. 1 was 6lb 4 and other was 5lb 14!! She was huge but had natural birth and really good pregnancy.

I actually have had sore boobs and period pains. Read a few things about symptoms and the menopause and thought that's me going through the change!! Felt sick on some days but been tummy bugs going around so never gave it a second thought. Iv had 3 children and my youngest is 17 and I knew I was pregnant with them. I felt it, and tiredness and sickness was shocking.


Amazing how our bodies react in different pregnancies. Imagine if you'd got to 9 months not knowing!! Sounds like you'll have plenty of volunteers to babysit anyway, it will be great!

The twins are a result of 2 embryos transferred and they had separate sacs in the scan so they're non identical. we may end up with boy/girl yet! A small shock but we knew there was a chance it would be twins. As long as they're healthy that's the main thing!

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So beautiful, good luck to you, I'm sure it will all be perfect 💖


Wow this is such positive and good news! Wishing you all the very best with your pregnancy. Xxx


Amazing story, what a lovely surprise! My cousin has 6 children and had no idea she was pregnant with her seventh she found out at 5 months! Best wishes to you xx


Thanks ladies. Still trying to take it in!! Xx


Hi, lisaoggy! I'm so happy for you! Thanks for your post, really positive one. And it gives hope that such marvelous episodes will appear in life sooner or later. I've got also a story to share. it is mine but not so exciting up to this moment.

Some time ago I was diagnosed on malformation of the womb. And this seems it's just inappropriate to hold a living being inside. But this turned to be too late as we followed bad advice and passed two ivf cycles, which of course failed. Also a huge con to my general health condition is my worsen heart disease causing the high blood pressure. Though having faced two implantation failures, we still have hope. Let it be not me but another woman who'll give birth to our child, if I cannot do it myself! Sometimes I feel hard times are creeping, and I blame that wrong decision we've made following unqualified consultation. Also we're not sure the clinic did really know what to do in our case. All this really gets on me, but not that often. I still try stay calm and keep that positive outlook.

By the way, we've got some attractive info about biotexcom in Ukraine which specializes on surrogacy matters as one of the head ones. Hope we'll be a family of three one day xxx


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