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Hello everyone,

I've been diagnosed with fatty liver trough multiple tests. Echo, CT-scan , endoscopy and a few blood tests. I'm overweight and used alcohol on a daily basis for quite some years.

I have very bad anxiety about this subject and i've been pushing to get more tests done for 2 months straight but it's very rare where I live that they do a fibroscan if all tests are like mine.

Mentally it's like a rollercoaster with small ups and big lows throughout the weeks. Physically I feel quite good besides some aches and pains.

Had a big change in my diet with whole foods, no sugar, limited salt, limited carbs and lots of leafy greens and almost zero processed foods. And lots of water.

I am scared to death to change anything about this now. Managed to lose 12 kilos in about 7 weeks.

So i calculated my fib-4 scores with a online calculator and it showed a result of 0.40 which puts me in the 0-1 range for fibrosis. Can I take this result serious since I don't see a fibroscan happening any time soon?

Any help would be much appreciated since this situation is so mentally exhausting.

Thank you.

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High Glenn

There are no guarantees with Fib-4 but statistically it is quite good at identifying a low probability of having fibrosis. Your score is very positive and you are doing the right things so the odds are that you are managing your liver well. I'd be really happy if mine was that low.

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Thanks , I hope I can turn this around as well. Got good news yesterday, I can go to the hepatologist Monday since a spot came free. I was lucky because I wasn't even on the waiting list.

Hopefully she can give me some more clarity about the state of my liver. I followed your posts and you being able to keep the liver in check by good food and being active is amazing and gave me and I think many others hope, thank you.😊

Welcome to the group! You appear to be doing all the right things. Congratulations on such a quick turn around. I would just concentrate on getting my liver and rest of my body in good health. You could ask your doctor if he thinks you should have a fibroscan later. I've had fatty liver for about 10 yrs and now have been diagnosed with NASH. That's all I know. I've turned my diet around, mostly and quit all alcohol. I'm trying to do better in the exercise dept. I don't know if I have fibrosis and I'm fine right now doing what I'm doing. Most days I do feel better but there are some days that I am fatigued and usually rest and sleep. You will find with liver disease this is a common symptom. Good luck on this journey!

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Thank you ednoral!

Happy to find and hopefully give some support here.😊

I believe my fatty liver is a result of heavy drinking since I gave my poor liver a massive beating over the years with pauses in between. Which I deeply regret now but what's done is done...

Can I remove the fat from my liver completely with a good diet and exercise? Or is this something that will hang over my head for the rest of my life? I haven't felt tired at all, just ruq pain and bad acid reflux. I just hope I can have a somewhat normal life, not being able to do that is my biggest fear tbh.

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Yes, you certainly can. There are many posters here and on other websites who have turned their fatty liver around. Just remember our liver does have about 5% fat but anything above that is considered "fatty". Just eat whole foods, no junk food and quit alcohol. Exercise is good too. You are well on your way! Good Luck!

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That's a big relief, I was diagnosed due to the CT scan since they did not notice the fat with the ultrasound. My doctor told me that was good as well. Hopefully the hepatologist can shed some more light on it, I'm gonna prepare a list with all my questions when I go. Especially Wich meditcation I can take because I'm so scared it will affect my liver in a bad way. My GP gave me omeprazole for my reflux, I didn't take it for quite a while because I was so afraid but started taking it yesterday because my reflux got so bad. It is starting to get better but something inside me says it's hurting my liver...

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Use Apple cider vinegar 2 tbls with water in morning. Took my reflux completely away.

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Thx for the tip Doc, I will definitely try it. Hopefully it works for me as well. 😊

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