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Share my Fatty Liver journey

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I am new here, just like to share my experience

I used to living an unhealthy lifestyle. A few years back, I started to feel tired all the time, stomach area always feels pain, bloated. Went for medical check up, Doctor told me I have fatty liver.

My liver number on blood test was really bad…from then on, beside taking prescription drugs, I had completely changed my diet and persistently exercise to lose some weight. Man…it really need a high level of discipline.

After 6 months of hard work, the blood test result was um…….nothing to shout about, frankly rather disappointed after much effort. My friend recommend me to take a supplement called livolin forte. I did some research on it and decided to try for 3 months.

During this period, I was a bit lacking in exercising due to work. Diet was still ok. Continue to take my medicine and this time added livolin. I did a blood test again after 3, my test result was like a miracle! My doctor got a shock!

To confirm it was livolin which do the trick, I tested with reduced medicine (of course with doctor’s permission) Tested a few 3-month cycle with continuous reducing medicine. Right now, I am completely off from prescription drugs and stick with livolin, of course with proper diet, exercise (the best I could) and continue with routine check up

Maybe this livolin forte happens to complement with my body/condition, thus work well for me. Anyway, I am just thrilled to share it with fellow sufferers.

Thanks for reading, please feel free to comment

Take care all!

8 Replies
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Dear Huldc,

How much did you consum livolin forte?...if any prescription in details kindly share it to follow and total duration for your case.

After the blood was improving do you continue with the supplements or fully stop.

Manythanks for your answers

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huldc in reply to Nhuda1780

I can't remember exactly how many 3-month cycle during my testing period, I think at least 9-12 months. But i remember each testing cycle with reduced prescription drugs until i completely off with it. For Livolin Forte's dosages, I took according to suggested dosage - 1 tablet (softgel) each time x 3 times a day during those period. Right now, I only take 1 tablet a day for maintenance but i do check up every 6 months just to make sure everything is ok . Besides right supplement, i really take care of my diet & try to exercise regularly. Anyway, hope this help ^-^

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Nhuda1780 in reply to huldc

Dear Huldc,

Is there any side effects of consuming livolin forte for longer periods on your body. Seems you had consumed almost a year according to your story. Some worry that more chemical it will harm the liver it’s self.

Livolin forte apparently not available in my country. The doctors give almost similar medicine Ursofalk (ursodeoxycholic acid) for one month. My body weight has reduce about 5kg for a month.

2nd blood test result SGPT remains high not much improvements. Is there big difference compared to livelin forte?...upon some research they said almost has similar functions.

Thanks for your reply.



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huldc in reply to Nhuda1780

so far, no issue for me taking Livolin Forte! My routine blood test is supposed to be on March, last week bumped into a pharmacy doing promotion on supplements, they offer free blood test. I did one, my liver number still as good as previous test! anyway, besides medication/supplement, really need to take care of diet, exercise, maintain emotionally stable & so on. Just back to basic!

Btw, you can get Livolin on ebay or ecrater, I got it there.

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Thank you for sharing.

How is your pain? Any better?

I am trying to make my own levolin forte because it is not sold in the US. (Gathering the different ingredients)

I wish you well.

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huldc in reply to bazizi-Islam

I am absolutely ok right now...Tx for caring!

Wow! gather the ingredients! Amazing to know! are u a pharmacist or involved in medical / chemistry field?

Take care

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bazizi-Islam in reply to huldc

Haha no, what I meant was like I read the Liveforte and see if I could take those ingredients individually. But I much rather have the product.

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A am also using this kind of medicine. From spgt 125 to 115 after my first month of use with proper diet and a little exercise. I hope my sgpt level will normalize completely

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