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Living with Fatty Liver and NASH
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Newbie with 66%fatty liver

Hello everyone...thank you for creating this lovely group who shares the best information needed for the FLF and many thanks for accepting me.

Recently during routine check up I have been diagnosed with level 2 fatty liver by the ultrasound and 66%fatty liver over the fibers can test. Luckily no scaf yet and the liver stiffness is bit increased to blue zone.

As the doc advised to start with diet and exercise as that is the only one way out to reduce the fatty level and no medication can be done.

I will follow all your suggestions and hope that I can restore my fatty liver back to normal value.

Once again..many thanks 🙏


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Hi Nhuda

Glad you joined us. There is a lot of information on our website. As you already know for most liver diseases all they can offer today is diet and exercise. Here is a link that may get you started. Lots of information on the site, but basically plant based with lots of unsaturated fats.




Thank you very much Nash...it is very inspiring...I wish that I could do more ensuring bright future for my family


hey u can add a liver supplement to your recovery plan . It may help u speed up the process. The supplement called Livolin Forte. It help me tremendously on my fatty liver. I used to take the full suggested dosage (3 times a day) normal I just take 1 for maintenance. U can find it on ebay or ecrater to chek out the details


Many thanks Huldc...surely will try to find out...just beginning to start with removing the WHITE as per Nash suggestion 👍😊for my daily diets


Greetings. The good news is that detection at this stage is in your advantage. You can reverse the liver fat. A change in diet and exercise is the long term solution- and that needs to start now. With respect to supplements, there is no data to support that route. There is only one product (to date) designed specifically for fatty liver management. In the US the product is classified as a “medical food” and requires the supervision of your doctor. Hepaxa has been shown to improve Fibroscan results in as little as six months. Case studies are available to your doctor upon request. Publication on multiple studies is pending. Results are safe and very encouraging. Sorry for the long post. This info is new.



Thanks James for your advice. Lovely will study more for the hepaxa and indeed knowing at my stage is Blessed for me. Joining This group is great gift for me as well. Thanks to all.


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